Reading Comprehension Dialogues

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These reading comprehension / dialogues provide an opportunity for both reading and speaking practice. Each dialogue is also followed by a multiple choice quiz for comprehension practice. Each dialogue is listed under the appropriate level with a short introduction regarding target areas for speaking practice. Teachers can check out the ideas on how to use dialogues in class and print them out for use.

Beginner - Lower Intermediate

Getting a Driver's License - Filling out a form.

The City and the Country - Comparative form, as ... as

Interview with a Famous Actor - Daily routines, present simple

What's in Your Office? - Use of there is / there are, prepositions and office furniture vocabulary

What Were You Doing? - Use of the past continuous in combination with the past simple

The Oregon Weather Forecast - Use of the future with will for predictions, weather vocabulary

A Business Presentation - Use of the present perfect

A Business Traveler - Speaking about likes and dislikes with like, enjoy

An Interview - Superlative Forms

Introductions - Basic questions used when meeting someone for the first time.

Filling in a Form - Basic personal information questions (name, address, etc.)

The Meeting - Schedules, future plans.

A New Office - This, that, some and any with objects.

Cooking - Daily routines and hobbies.

A Great Workout - Abilities with 'can', making suggestions.

A Busy Day - Plans for the day, responsibilities with 'have to'.

Today's Special - Ordering food in a restaurant.

Planning a Party - Future with 'will' and 'going to'


Telephoning in English

Telephoning English - Making a Doctor's Appointment
Telephoning English - Leaving a Message
Telephoning English - Making a Reservation for Dinner
Telephoning English - Telephoning School for your Child
Telephoning English - Asking a Question about a Bill

Business English

English for Medical Purposes Dialogues

Hooking Up My Computer - Computer related jargon, present perfect for recently completed actions

Social Networking Sites - Computer related jargon specific to the internet

Three Dialogues Focusing on the Service Industry

  • Cleaning Staff - Vocabulary and requests dealing with cleaning rooms and taking care of guests
  • A Drink at the Bar - Vocabulary and situations related to serving customers at a bar
  • Taking an Order - Vocabulary and situations related to serving customers in a restaurant

Speaking to a Customer Service Representative - Disputing a bill over the telephone.

Work, Work, Work - Speaking about what is happening around the present moment.

Weekend Sports - Speaking about abilities, making suggestions.

The Summer Olympics - Vocabulary related to sports focusing specifically on vocabulary related to the Summer Olympics

Advice for a Shy Guy - Giving and asking for advice.

Too Much Work! - Contrasting past routines to present routines.

Neighbors - Using the present perfect, present perfect continuous and past simple interchangeably

A Holiday in Italy - Describing a past holiday.

Directions to the Museum - Giving directions.

Client Problems - Discussing problems related to work.

Having a Hard Time Finding a Job - Speaking about finding a job, focus on reported speech


A New Home Theater System - Audio video related jargon, perfect for students interested in technology

A Neighbor's Advice - Conditional forms, gardening.

At a Flea-Market - Bargaining on a price, convincing someone.

Congratulations! - Congratulating someone on success, relating exciting news.

Waiting for a Friend - Advanced past and future forms (future continuous, 3rd conditional, etc.)