Reading Lists for Teens

Top Teen Books for Summer and Year Round

These reading lists for teens are full of young adult books that will get your teens reading now, this summer and throughout the year.  One of the lists covers books for reluctant readers and another, audio books for teens. In addition, I've provided reading lists for some of the more popular genres, such as urban fantasy and fairy tale retellings. For teens looking to get a head start on some classic reading check out the Classic Novels for Teens list, which is a sampling of some of the classics most commonly studied in high school English.

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Steampunk Books for Teens

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Steampunk books are on the rise and very popular with teens.  This steampunk list is for teens who like to read alternative histories where futuristic inventions change the outcome of events.

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Audio Books for Teens

If your teen enjoys listening to books, then check out this quick pick list of popular audio books. These audio books have compelling story lines and are read in a way that engage the listener. Some of the audio books have earned the American Library Association’s Odyssey Award for outstanding narration. From historical fiction to popular contemporary romance, this list will satisfy teens who enjoy a good read aloud.

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Books for Reluctant Teen Readers

It’s hard to find just the right book for a teen who is struggling to read. The key to finding the right book is make sure your teen is interested in the subject of the book, the book has less than 300 pages, and that the vocabulary is simple. In this list you will find several books that have passed the reluctant reader test and have been given the American Library Association’s award for the best books for reluctant readers.

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Classic Novels for Teens

By high school teens need to be ready to read some classic American literature. Here is a list with some of the most common American classics you would find in the high school classroom. Encourage your teens to begin reading books that will challenge and prepare them for high school English by selecting a book from this list.

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Urban Fantasy Books for Teens

Teens who enjoy stories about humans mingling with supernatural creatures will enjoy the books from this popular genre list. This urban fantasy list is a great resource for teens who love to read about the dark world of vampires, fairies, wolves, fallen angels, and other worldly beings living in an urban setting.  

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Summer Reads for Teen Girls

Teen girls looking for mystery, romance, and adventure will  find a books of interest from this list. These books are light reads that can be read in a couple of sittings and would be great to take to the beach.

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Summer Reads for Teen Boys

Looking for a good book for teen boys? This list includes books about teen boys who are spies, warriors, zombie hunters, and clones and that's just the begininng. From mystery to mayhem, this list of popular guy books will make summer reading a pleasure for teen boys. 

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Dark Fantasy for Teens

Teens looking to find books similar to Twilight will find several read a likes from this dark fantasy list. This quick list offers books that will appeal to readers who enjoy reading about love and the supernatural. Forbidden relationships between creatures of the underworld and human beings are the familiar theme in these books.

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Top Ten Books for Teen Boys

This list will help parents find books that have high guy appeal for boys between the ages of 12-18. This book list provides a variety of engaging topics for boys: zombies, spies, gold rush adventure and more.  These popular titles rank high in interest and entertainment for teen boys.

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Modern Fairy Tales for Teen Girls

Girls who enjoy fairy tales but are looking for a more grown up version will enjoy this book list. Modern fairy tales with spunky heroines and a lively hero (not always the prince) are entertaining reads for teen girls. This list covers a variety of fairy tale retellings from The Twelve Dancing Sisters to Little Red Riding Hood.

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Parent's Guide to the Twilight Series

Here is a guide for parents looking for information about the Twilight series. This guide contains reviews of each book in the series along with explanations about story lines and cautions about mature content. Parents can also learn more about Twilight author Stephenie Meyer and read what other parents and teens are saying about the popular vampire series.

Article updated 2/27/16 by Elizabeth Kennedy, Children's Books Expert