Reading Tips to Improve Your Pronunciation

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If you're working on pronunciation, these tips can help you use reading as a way to practice outside of class, either by yourself or with a couple of friends.

Top Tips

  • Choose a paragraph and read aloud.
  • Choose a paragraph and mark each sentence with a sound script (helpful pronunciation markup). This will help you read more naturally, and thus pronounce correctly.
  • Choose a few sentences from your reading material and highlight content words. Read these sentences focusing on accenting these content words while quickly speaking over the structure words.
  • Once you become comfortable reading a single paragraph aloud, read an entire page by reading a paragraph aloud and then reading one silently.
  • Choose some nursery rhymes to practice. They will help you with pronunciation through rhythm.
  • Read a short story or a few paragraphs to a friend who is also studying English. Compare the differences and discuss what might be the reasons for the differences.
  • Choose a paragraph, short article, or newspaper story with new vocabulary. Use the Babylon dictionary or another online pronunciation resource to help you learn the correct pronunciation of these words.
  • Read a play with some friends. Each friend takes a different part. Start with short scenes. Once you are comfortable, read longer pieces together.
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