13 Reasons To Date a Chemist

It's Time to Ask a Chemist Out

The sexy lab coat is one reason to date a chemist.
The sexy lab coat is one reason to date a chemist. Tom Young, Getty Images

If you haven't dated a chemist, you're missing out! Chemists can be incredibly romantic and great at lasting relationships. Here are some reasons to date a chemist.

  1. Chemists have some of the very best pick-up lines. Are you made of copper and tellurium? You must be, because you're CuTe. Nerdy, yes, but a good icebreaker.
  2. Chemistry experiments require attention to detail. Your date will be on time, will pay attention to you, and will remember your likes and dislikes.
  3. Science requires effort, practice, and patience. You can expect a chemist to work at a relationship and not call it quits when problems arise.
  4. Chemists are interesting! They are curious and always learning. Dating a chemist means you'll never be bored.
  5. Lab coats and safety goggles. So hot.
  6. Chemists remember to use protection.
  7. Chemists pay attention to personal hygiene.
  8. Chemists are almost always fantastic cooks. They also often brew amazing beer, make wine, or possibly distill their own spirits. Very few make drugs, though they know how.
  9. Chemists are smart. They can carry on meaningful conversations and fix things.
  10. Chemists know how to pull all-nighters.
  11. Chemists know all kinds of party tricks and cool ways to celebrate holidays. Because their sense of wonder never fades, they often do well with kids. Your family and friends will probably like your chemist date.
  12. Like engineers and other scientists, a chemist asks you out because he or she genuinely likes you and finds you interesting. Chemists tend not to be shallow.
  13. Chemists are adventurous, up to a point. They are natural explorers, yet take risk into account. They can plan interesting and fun dates, but aren't likely to endanger you. Similarly, chemists know all the toxic chemicals in every food, drink, and household product, yet won't go overboard avoiding minor vices.
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