Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Even Think About Buying a Research Paper

Buying a Research Paper Can Be Very Costly!
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It's the night before your paper is due, and you haven't even started. Are you tempted to go online to buy a ready-made project? Don't do it! This could ruin your academic career. Here are a few things to know about buying a paper.

  1. 1. It is plagiarism, which is an academic crime. Plagiarism comes in many forms, but the basic definition is claiming credit for work that is not your own. The punishment for plagiarism is different from place to place, but every college or high school should have an honor code to deal with academic crime.2. Chances are, you'll get caught. Teachers are pretty smart. If you turn in a paper that you didn't write, there will be lots of things about that paper to tip off your teacher. The tone and the research will not match your past work. As for college professors—please! These people research for a living. Don't try to outsmart someone who went to college for eight or ten years! They'll catch on.
    1. 3. The work is not reliable. Of course, the web site that offers great papers will claim the work is original and reliable. That is advertising. Don't believe it! The sources could be fake, the research could be sloppy, and the format won't match the assignment.
    2. 4. Papers are sold and re-sold. Just imagine turning in a paper that the teacher has seen before!
    3. 5. A fake paper won't match the assignment. If you buy a paper, it probably won't match the teacher's assignment exactly. Teachers often word their assignments in a way to make them less generic, so students can't cheat.
    4. 6. There is software for catching plagiarism. Many university faculty have access to software that scans papers and compares them to thousands of papers available on the web.
    5. 7. Sometimes, parts of papers are used in several papers. People who write papers to sell often use the same phrases or sentences in many different papers. You could buy a paper that is guaranteed to be "one-of-a-kind," but that paper could still contain phrases from other papers. Plagiarism software will pick up on this!
    6. 8. It costs a lot of money! Do you really want to spend a hundred dollars or so, just to get out of an assignment? Is it worth the risk?
    7. 9. It's not worth the risk. Students are kicked out of school for plagiarism or honor code violations all the time. Once that happens, it's on record for good. There goes your future.
    8. 10. You won't learn anything! Seriously. When you cheat at school or college, you're really only cheating yourself. Sound cheesy? Just think about it. You're going to have lots more assignments in the future, and you can't buy your way out of all of them. It will catch up with you, one way or another.


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