5 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a Workshop

Workshops are fun, and good for you!

At Momenta Workshops, our mission is to use photography to create global dialogue for a better world. We are just one part of a legion of continuing education workshops around the world. If you're considering taking the leap, here are five reasons to go for it today.

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Challenging Yourself Is Healthy

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Every teacher will tell you, "Never stop learning and growing." In your career, you may wear one hat today, but this does not mean you cannot wear a different one tomorrow. New, challenging circumstances can teach you valuable lessons in your career and provide personal growth. Sometimes, a challenge can start you on a path to a second career you never envisioned for yourself. Challenge yourself at a workshop!

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You'll Meet New People, Make New Friends

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One word: community. At our company, our alumni call themselves "the Momenta Family." We believe you can never have enough colleagues in the field that inspires you. In expanding your circle of fellow aficionados, you are expanding the number of resources you can tap into for inspiration and support. Plus, having guaranteed coffee dates around the world with your fellow alumni makes travel even that more fun. At a workshop, you're guaranteed to meet new people and make new friends.

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Your World Will Become Broader

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If you're bold enough to go somewhere you have never been before, your world expands. Explore. Be curious. Bombard your senses. The world is yours when you go to a workshop. Witness it. Delight in it. Expand your world.

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Education Leads to the Best You

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When you attend a workshop, you're doing a little something for yourself. While others’ happiness is important, focusing on yourself with a challenging learning experience creates a well-rounded, more balanced you. When you are the best version of yourself, you can be a better family member, colleague, community member, and friend. We believe educational experience leads to happiness and fulfillment. Let the guilt of focusing on your passions wash away. You will have plenty of stories, experiences, and photographs to share upon your return.

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You Can Still Change the World

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You are still the dreamer you used to be, however old you might be now. Believing you can be a force of change in the world is not a feeling exclusively for twenty-somethings. Allow your experiences to feed your passion and drive your mission. As you learn from masters of a craft and experience new people in your adventures, the greatest challenge can come from using those skills upon your return to make your local world a better place. You can change the world!

Momenta Workshops specializes in photography and video workshops around the globe. By helping storytellers expand their skills, we explore how to harness that passion into social change. We seek to show our attendees a new way to witness the world, meet new people and explore new ways of taking photos to tell stories. It is challenging. It is motivating. It is rewarding. And it is a helluva lot of fun. We welcome you to join us on our next adventure!

Examples of two past Momenta Workshops:

  • Momenta Workshop - Project New Orleans with Leica - An interview with Jamie Rose, international award-winning photojournalist, and workshop director and instructor at Momenta, about how this workshop for nonprofits was inspired by the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Momenta Workshop - Project DC 2013 - Photography as a Force of Change - A second interview with Jamie Rose about a workshop that was more of a five-day intensive photography class.