10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast Now

Find out how podcasting can benefit you and your business

10 Reasons to Start A Podcast

Everyone from businesspeople to celebrities to everyday Joes are hopping on the podcast bandwagon lately, and for good reason. According to The Podcast Consumer survey of 2016 podcast statistics have been increasing year over year. In 2016, of those surveyed, 55% knew what a podcast was. That is up from 22% in 2006. Over a third or 36% have listened to a podcast, and 22% of those listened regularly.

Even better, 41% of podcast listeners are affluent with a median income of $63,000, and 25% of listeners have purchased a product or service after hearing about it on a podcast. With stats like that, it is no wonder that podcasting is sparking a lot of interest.

Is Podcasting Right for Me?

If you are are on the fence about whether to start a podcast or not, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself. Do you have the resources to produce a podcast on a regular basis? The main resources required are time, money, and manpower. Beyond purchasing your basic podcasting equipment and hosting, you will need to spend considerable time each week creating your script, booking guests, and editing the audio.   

Do you have an idea or topic that you would like to talk about or share information about? Podcasting should be fun. If you are passionate about a topic, hosting the show yourself can be a rewarding challenge.

If you just want to get the word out about your business, you can also have a more outgoing team member host your show. There is still considerable time that needs to be spent in the planning and preparation stage, but once you get your system set up it can become a regular part of your workflow. You can also outsource things like audio editing and show notes to a podcasting editing and production service.

Build a Targeted Audience

The benefit of having a targeted audience is that these are people who want what you are selling. One of the first jobs in building a targeted audience is to identify who they are. Some marketers call this your “avatar”. Once you have identified your niche, ask who is interested in that niche. Who are these people? Where do they hang out? What do they like?

Once you know who your avatar is, give them interesting and relevant content that they will use and share? Over time your listener base should grow, but you can speed up the process with podcast marketing. You can post about your podcast on social media that is relevant to your avatar or partner with others in your field and leverage your audience with podcast guests and shared mailing lists. Whatever tactic you use, podcasting is a great way to reach a new audience and increase growth.

Connect With Others in Your Field​

Having a podcast is a great way to meet and talk with other professionals in your field. The easiest way to meet others is through having guests on your show and being a guest on other podcasters’ shows. Podcast guest interviews are common, so no one will think there is anything unusual about getting a request to be interviewed on a podcast.

There are also authors and bloggers promoting new books or services that are looking for interview opportunities as podcast guests.

The best way to get started with having guests on your show is to start with people within your network and lesser known hosts. After you have established some street cred, you can work up to the bigger name guests. Also, don’t be afraid to accept offers to be a podcast guest on the lesser known shows. In one of his podcasts, Jon Nastor from Hack the Entrepreneur said that he doesn’t turn down requests. Saying, yes to the smaller requests hasn’t hurt his credibility.  

Increase Your Network

As you connect with other people in your field, your network will increase. You can create a spreadsheet with names and emails of people with common interests and who would be willing to chat on air.

These connections will come in handy when you have a project to promote or want to collaborate in some other way. Your network will also grow as you engage with your audience and make periphery connections with people from social media to podcasting connections.  

Be Part of an Emerging Content Platform

In spite of the nice growth numbers listed in the first paragraph of this article, podcasting is still an emerging content platform. It is getting a lot of attention, but there is still room for newcomers. People are hungry for engaging content, and we live in an age when people want things when they want them. The on-demand aspect of podcasting makes it the perfect medium to attract listeners. Early adopters, who go all in, frequently reap the benefits as the medium matures. This is your chance to get in on podcasting before the market gets saturated.

Be the Expert

If you want to be the go-to person for your niche, you need to establish yourself as an expert. The traditional ways to establish yourself as an expert have been publishing books and speaking. Podcasting offers a new way to share your words and content on a regular basis. The more mediums people find you sharing information on your specialty the more people will think of you as an expert in that field.

Be the Media

Have you ever heard a politician, actor, or public figure complain about the media? The quote was taken out of context. The media is biased and only publishes positive or negative material about certain people or subjects.

You can avoid all of these issues by being the media. Your podcast is your own public forum to say whatever you want to say unedited and bias free. Be your own media and bypass any negative aspects of other media outlets.

Reach a Global Audience

Because of a lack of wired infrastructure in some areas, worldwide cell phone use has been very popular and well established. Our global counterparts have also embraced social media and podcast listening. According to our friends at Edison, the percentages of social media and online radio listening increases when the U.S. market is added to the worldwide market. This means that there is a larger audience just waiting for your content. Having a global podcast is a great way to introduce yourself to this additional market segment.

Promote Your Products or Services

If you have a book, website, product, or service, talking about your offering during a podcast is a great way to promote that offering. Chances are, your podcast audience will already be targeted towards what you are selling. All you will have to do is explain the benefits of your offering. Talk about the problem that your product will solve. Explain how your product will benefit your avatar and share a couple of enticing teasers. Top it off with a good call-to-action, such as a discount, bonus, or promo code, and the sales should follow.

Generate More Leads, Which Will Result in More Sales

Podcasting is a great medium for making the soft sale and lead generation. You know what you are offering has value.

You know you are a qualified expert. Share your knowledge and experiences with your audience and they will become loyal listeners. As your listeners tune-in each week, you will earn their trust. Listeners who trust you won’t have a problem signing up for your mailing list, and will even want to sign-up to receive a free gift or report. Lead generation with soft sales and small sales will often lead to that bigger sale.

Make Money from Your Show

You can also have sponsors for your show and sell advertising. Hosting services like Libsyn and Blubrry can match advertisers with shows that they host. Midroll is another service that can match advertisers and podcasters. They will take your podcast statistics into account and match accordingly. You can also find your own sponsors and negotiate your own rates. Advertising with a soft sale and call-to-action during podcasts is becoming an effective advertising medium.

It’s up to you whether podcasting is right for you, but when it comes to gaining publicity and promotion podcasts are an effective tool.

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