5 Reasons to Wear a Chola Everyday for Amritvela Naam Simran Meditation

You'll Never Need Another Outfit for Morning Meditation.

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Naam Simran Silent Meditation
Naam Simran Silent Meditation. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Wear a chola everyday for Amritvela while you do naam simran, you'll never need another outfit for morning meditation.

  1. Chola Identifies You With Guru:
    The chola is worn by primarily by devout initiates who have partaken of immortal nectar in the Amrit sanchar ceremony as established by 10th Guru Gobind Singh. Wearing the chola during morning meditation prescribed by Panj Pyare is a reminder of your identity as a Sikh of the Guru, and could be considered as the bridal dress of the soul bride in contemplative union with the divine groom.
  1. Chola is Spiritual Warrior Attire:
    The chola is the spiritual Khalsa warrior's traditional attire. Wear it to battle your ego and over come duality to realize the beloved within while japping naam during your early morning Amritvela meditation. When repeating "Waheguru Waheguru," your tongue becomes the sword that slays the five adversaries of consciousness, rid you of homai (egoism) and help you attain humility.
  2. Chola is Comfortable and Modest: The chola is designed to move with the body during combat while maintaining modesty. The chola is comfortable to wear while sitting still during the wee hours as your morning meditation combats the negative effects of ego. The chola covers your upper body, lap, and legs to preserve modestly during group meditation.
  3. Chola Helps Maintain Body Temperature:The chola is usually made from breathable cotton fabric that helps your body maintain a stable temperature while you meditate. Wear a long, or short sleeve, chola depending on the time of year and temperature to keep your arms either warm, or cool while meditating.The skirt of the chola covers the thighs and legs, and can be tucked around the feet helps create an insulating barrier against the chill of early morning when worn with a shawl (or loee) in cold weather. The skirt may be worn open over kachhera during warm weather to help your body stay cool during while you recite simran during naam jap.
  1. Chola Is Always Appropriate To Wear Every Day: The chola is the perfect bana to compliment the five articles of faith that the initiated warrior vows to keeps on the body at all times. A chola can be worn for morning or evening meditation everyday, year round. What you wear for Amritvela is between you and your Guru. Dress up if you like for your Guru, but there is no need to bother about fashion or impressing anyone else as meditating before the sun rises is often done in a darkened room with eyes closed, so if you are with japping naam as a group with sangat, it is unlikely that anyone is going to be looking at you. Get your chola ready the night before, and keep it in the same place all the time so that you will never have to worry about what to wear for Amritvela when you wake up early in the morning and are feeling sleepy. No more last minute ransacking the closet, your chola is always appropriate wear anytime of day, or weather. 

     Depending on the temperature of the weather, and whether you are meditating alone, or with a group, and if your are male or female, in addition to your chola, other traditional attire  may also be desirable to wear for meditation during Amritvela. Loose pajama pants, fitted chhiradar, or baggy kameez can be worn on the lower body with your chola. A shawl, or loee can be worn to keep you warm and cozy. A kammerband, or kammar kasa (cummerbund) wrapped at the waist around the chola can help to support your back. A hazooria neckcloth, and either a formal domala, or casual turban may be worn, and ladies may wear wish to wear a chunni, or duppata.

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