7 Reasons Why Some Parents Choose Homeschool

With the ready availability of a public education, why would some parents choose to homeschool their children?  Isn’t a public education enough?  Or what about private school?  There are a number of reasons why some parents choose to homeschool their children ranging from their world view to a need for more flexibility in the day:

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Their Values aren’t Met in Public School

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 Public schools have their own sets of values, and they don’t always mesh with a parent’s world view.  For Christian parents, they may feel they want to incorporate more of their faith into their children’s educations.  It’s not necessarily that parents disagree with everything that is taught in their public school, but that they want to take their children’s education beyond a secular lens.  For instance, Easter is more about bunnies and Spring at school, but a homeschooled child may also learn about Christ’s resurrection.  Homeschooling is especially important to parents who may find their public schools are unwelcoming to their religious or moral values.

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They’re Unhappy with Your Child’s Current Education

Some parents have the ability to each their child what a school system cannot.  Unfortunately, some schools do not have the resources to give a top notch education to some students, and homeschooling may be a less expensive option than private school.  Some parents see fewer flaws in a homeschool education than that of a public school.  A homeschool setting removes the need for every student to learn at the same pace, or to solely focus on teaching for standardized testing. 

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They Want to Spend More Time Together as Family

Family is one of the most important things we have, and parents who choose to homeschool their children often state family as one of the reasons.  The nice thing about the homeschool environment is that it eliminates certain time consuming activities like getting ready for school in the morning or transporting the kids halfway across town to get to class.  So not only are you spending more time together in the school setting, but you’re getting more time when you’re not in the classroom.  Also, this is a great time to bond over learning opportunities, for siblings to bond, and more.

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They Need More Flexibility in the Daily Schedule

Some students need a more flexible education schedule, especially if they work.  We often hear about child actors being homeschooled so they can go on auditions or film shows or movies.  But it’s not just child actors.  Some families benefit from their teen working to help support the household.  Some parents cannot work on a traditional schedule.  Student athletes may also have a need to go to school around their workout and competition schedules. So parents may choose to homeschool to offer than flexibility.

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Their Child’s Safety is a Concern

Bullying is a huge concern in this day and age, as are school shootings. While extreme violence in school isn’t prolific, it’s still something parents worry about. Therefore, some parents do choose to homeschool their children in order to protect them from harm.  Homeschooling helps to minimize the amount of peer pressure their teens may be subject to, and it helps parents keep an eye on when their social life becomes a bigger concern.

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Their Geography Affects Your Child’s Education

Not all parents are able to stay in one place for long due to their careers, and some jobs may take parents to places where their child won’t have access to a decent education.  So, parents who move around a lot or are transferred to areas where the education system is questionable often choose to homeschool their children.  With the availability of online resources, these parents can ensure their children receive a good education no matter where they are in the world.

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Their Child is Gifted or has Special Needs

Not all public school systems are equipped to deal with gifted or special needs children.  Some students need extra attention, whether it’s because they’re learning at a faster pace than other students or require behavioral or physical assistance on a daily basis.  Right now many schools are struggling with their advanced and special education programs, so some parents are opting to homeschool their children in order to meet their children’s special educational needs.