Recommended How-To Golf Books for Beginners

Every beginner in the game of golf is going to need help getting started. Not just learning how to swing, but learning the lingo, the customs, the rules, the golf courses. The books on this list do a good job of explaining golf for beginners.

(By the way, many of the books on our Best General Instruction Books list work for beginners, too, although they are not geared to beginners and may not include beginner-friendly sections such as glossaries, on-course behavior, etc.)

This book covers every element of the game for beginners, from golf fundamentals (stance, grip and so on) to reading the scorecard. There are tons of photos and illustrations to help the reader understand the material. It's concise and straightforward. And it also goes into golf history, how the clubs work, and much more.

Part of the popular "Dummies" series of books, this one is written by Gary McCord. An introduction to the game and its traditions, with step-by-step instruction. You know what you're getting with a "Dummies" book.

Ah, if only it were that easy! But reading this book is certainly easy, as it's written in clear language with plenty of close-up illustration of what the authors are writing about.

Plenty of photos and diagrams help out. This book is divided into four parts: rules and general information, the golf swing, execution of shots and tips on practicing and course management.

The full title is "A Beginner's Guide to Golf - How to Get Started ... and Have Fun Doing It." This 104-page book was published by the National Golf Foundation. Covers ​equipment, rules, etiquette, golf courses and, of course, the basics of the golf swing.

This is certainly the best beginners book geared to women. But fellas, don't be afraid to thumb through this book, too. It's loaded with great info that will explain much to golfers of both genders.

Guys, don't let the title trick you into thinking this book won't be worth reading for men. It is. While the book is obviously targeted at beginner women golfers, the well-illustrated fundamentals the book relates apply just as well to men.

The yellow book pictured is actually Series 2. The first book (with a pink cover) is more beginner-friendly.