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Listings of recommended reading on the topics of holistic health, spirituality, self-empowerment, healthy living and personal wellness.

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Feng Shui and Health

Feng Shui and Health
Feng Shui and Health. Three Rivers Press

Full Title: Feng Shui and Health - The Anatomy of a Home: Using Feng Shui to Disarm Illness, Accelerate Recovery, and Create Optimal Health

It only makes sense to maintain a healthy home since that is where most of us spend more of our time (waking and sleeping) than anywhere else. There are plenty of tips to help you learn how to Feng Shui your home. I quickly learned from browsing this book which corner of my kitchen to place a bowl of fresh fruit to welcome abundance into our lives. It's too soon to see if it is working, but I sure am eating plenty of fresh bananas, apples, and pears.

This book has the endorsement of Dr. Deepak Chopra written on the cover. "I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to improve their well-being and their home." It only makes sense to maintain a healthy home since that is where most of us spend more hours at home than anywhere else.

Author: Nancy SantoPietro
Forward written by: Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche

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Dictionary of Symbols

Dictionary Of Dreams
The Penguin Dictionary Of Dreams. Penguin Group Publishers

Full Title: The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

Original publication of this reference book was in French in 1969. This is a favorite study text for Jungian enthusiasts. Highly recommended for anyone who is intrigued by symbology or dream analysis.

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The Four Agreements

The Four AgreementsA Toltec Wisdom Book The Four Agreements. Amber-Allen Publishing

Full Title: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

This book selection is not a new publication, it was originally published in 1997 and was on the New York Times Bestseller List for over six years. But it wasn't until 2006 when a copy of it arrived in my mailbox a thoughtful gift from a dear and beautiful woman I know (Thanks Kelly!). Although I knew about that was the first time I actually read it. It only took me about an hour to read it... the teachings are simple and wise. If you have a spare hour, I recommend reading this book to fill up that empty space. You won't feel so "empty" or victimized by others afterwards.

Nothing mysterious written here. The basic teaching is that we complicate our lives by accepting self-limiting beliefs that are based on other people's perceptions of how society works. We have blindly accepted that other people (our parents, school teachers, ministers, etc.) know the truth when they speak words. But, words spoken are seldom the truth, but are merely opinions.

"Today I will be impeccable with my word, I will not take anything personally, I will not make any assumptions, and I am going to do my best."

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz, M.D.

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Book Review: An Exchange of Love

Animals Healing People in Past, Present and Future Lifetimes An Exchange of Love. O Books

Full Title: An Exchange of Love: Animals Healing People in Past Present and Future Lifetimes

I had the opportunity to review a pre-release PDF draft of this book that was sent to me by the author, Madeleine Walker. Madeleine serves as the columnist for the Ask An Animal Communicator Q&A Column. Her new book will interest anyone who has a love of animals, an interest in reincarnation or works with energy healing. Madeleine will capture your heart in the very first chapter with writings detailing the life of a goatling named Mulberry and Mulberry's close connection with Madeleine's young son Cameron, who is challenged with Aspergers.

As an energy medicine practitioner familiar with the chakra system I was especially interested in reading Chapter 8: Healing with the Chakra System where she outlines the chakra system of horses, cats, and dogs. Not only does she heal animals employing the chakra system, Madeleine also uses psychic surgery, crystal healing, visualization, and soul retrieval techniques.

The roles that our animal companions play are more significant than any of us may have ever imagined. Madeleine helps the reader understand how to listen and be more open to the messages that the animals around us have to teach. She even listens to a common house fly. That "pesky" fly that flies in your face could very well be the messenger of an important lesson. Don't be so quick to swat it away.

Author: Madeleine Walker
Publisher: O Books

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Book Review: The Alchemical Woman

A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork The Alchemical Woman. (c) Cultural Tapistries

Full Title: The Alchemical Woman: A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork

The Alchemical Woman is rich in so many golden ways! The writing style is truly transformative, it literally draws you in. Pathways are shown where a woman (women of all ages) will find shelter when she is cold, acceptance or forgiveness when she feels failure, expression of joy when she desires celebration. As a hungry reader, I devoured this book quickly. I've tucked it away for a time when I can read it slowly and savor every morsel. Empowering.

This beautiful text was co-authored by a psychology counselor (Catherine Davidson) and a cultural mytholoist (Ramona Rubio). Together they have woven together a remarkable read for a woman of any age. They take the reader through a series of transitional life stages that cannot help but resonate with the soul of the crone matriarch and the daily challenges and joys experienced by the modern day woman. Five Alchemical Stages

  • Nigredo (darkness)
  • Lapiz (darkness lifting)
  • Alabedo (white light awareness)
  • Citrinitas (juiciness of physical life)
  • Rubedo (wholeness)

Authors: Catherine W. Davidson, Ph.D, Ramona P. Rubio. Ph.D
Publisher: Cultural Tapistries

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A to Z Gemstones

A Handy Reference to Healing Crystals Gemstones A to Z. Crossing Press

Full Title: Gemstones A to Z: A Handy Reference to Healing Crystals

A to Z Gemstones references 550 crystals and gemstones from "Agate to Zircon." Learn how to identify and use stones for healing. Author, Diane Stein, says it is essential that healing stones be dedicated to the light and energetically cleared. If a stone is not periodically cleared it becomes overloaded with absorption of stresses, illness, tiredness, etc. and will cause it to crack, chip, or dissolve. Purposes of the stones given in this text were derived through channeling.

Aside from the basic gemstone index A to Z Gemstones includes diagrams of the chakras and hara line, a glossary of terms, six pages of color photos of gemstones, and helpful advice for choosing healing stones.

Author: Diane Stein
ISBN: 978-1580911870

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What is Crystal Therapy?
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The Key

Law of Attraction Book The Key. Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Full Title: The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want

Why do we need to read another book about the Law of Attraction? Because we do! Joe Vitale says "Reading books that expand your mind cam help you release limiting beliefs... they educate you to believe in miracles. Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction teacher. Joe Vitale, writes about how our "counter intentions" are interfering with our heart-felt intentions. He says we are unconsciously attracting the wrong things. In The Key the reader is given several methods to make use of The Key (missing secret) to de-program old belief systems residing within his subconscious that is blocking him from attracting what he really wants. The Key is really a composite of Joe's personal journey from experiencing poverty and the steps he took to remove himself from that limiting reality. In workbook format, ten different clearing methods are outline to assist you in breaking away from limiting thoughts and old beliefs. At the end of the book Joe promotes his coaching program, Miracle Coaching. This includes an transcript intervew with Joe from a Miracles Coaching Seminar.

Author: Joe Vitale
Book Excerpt: Please Forgive Me

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History Lesson For Girls

1970s Coming of Age Novel History Lesson For Girls. Penguin Group

Thirteen year old Alison Glass moves to a new town with her parents and soon learns the harsh life lesson of not fitting in.

A coming of age novel is not typical of the type of reading that I would normally recommend to my readers. However, the general theme of a young girl and her parents dealing with her scoliosis diagnosis struck a cord within me. Both my mother and daughter have scoliosis. Neither of them wore the Milwaukee brace that both author Aurelie Sheehan and her fictional character, Alison Glass, wore. But my daughter did under go spinal fusion surgery to help straighten the curve in her spine when she was sixteen. The era, mid-seventies, of hippies and flower children also made me feel nostalgic. In the story, scoliosis, or the awkward brace, 13 year old Alison must wear, may at first appear to be her obstacle to fitting-in, but it soon becomes apparent that fitting-in is a desire that even eludes the adult characters. This is a touching read -- I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Author: Aurelie Sheehan - (Writing with Scoliosis)

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Healing Hands

Hand Reflexology Healing Hands. O Books

Full Title: Healing Hands: Simple and Practical Reflexology, Techniques for Developing Good Health and Inner Peace

Simple reflexology techniques for developing good health and inner peace. 

The primary focus of this book is teaching the basics of reflexology, how it works, and how to give hand reflexology self-treatments, and instructions for treating others. Additional chapters highlight the use of essential oils, Bach flower remedies, meditation, Reiki, and the Metamorphic Technique. I have been applying his ten-minute hand-reflexology technique each morning and evening and have found this to be very calming and relaxing. So easy to do, and a pleasure too!

Additional chapters highlight the use of essential oils, Bach flower remedies, meditation, Reiki, and the Metamorphic Technique.

Author: David Vennells

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Ten Zen Seconds

Twelve Incantations For Purpose Power and Calm Ten Zen Seconds. SourceBooks Inc.

Full Title: Ten Zen Seconds: Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power and Calm

Ten Zen Seconds = Five seconds on the inhale, five seconds on the exhale. Repeat this several times and you're on your way to relaxation and calm. Eric Maisel offers twelve breath awareness incantations that are meant to get you into the Zen meditation pose quickly. Few people have time for one hour, or even half-hour meditation session during the day. But, Ten Seconds of Zen can be worked into your day almost anytime, anywhere. Another processes in addition to using Ten Zen Seconds includes the Centering Sequence.

Author: Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

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Saturn Fatal Attraction

Astrological Guide to Life Saturn - Fatal Attraction. O Books

Saturn has been labeled "The Devil" or "The Bogeyman" at its worst. In its better light Saturn is thought of as a strict parent or rigid taskmaster. Saturn's lessons are not the easiest. Whenever I think of Saturn's influence I visualize a parent pointng a finger at the child saying "I'm doing this for your own good." Adam Smith calls Saturn's influence "defining" and I agree. Whenever we are facing tough situtations, or life challenges are overwhelming you can bet that Saturn's movement is in play. Smith's book will help you Know The Devil. Saturn transits are generally restrictive in nature, knowing which house and sign Saturn is visiting will help you better navigate your life.

Note to Astrologers: You will devour this book! Adam Smith has written a fabulous guide to Saturn's transits.

Author: Adam Smith

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Magical Menopause

52 brilliant ideas for celebrating your new life Magical Menopause. Infinite Ideas LTD

Full Title: Magical Menopause: Relief and Remedies for the Symptoms of Menopause

I'm a big fan of Monica Troughton's book, Magical Menopause. But, then again, I'm her target audience, a post-menopausal woman! Go figure. Monica even writes (refreshingly so!) about how a woman's figure changes when menopause occurs. I especially like the layout of this book... breaking the topics into 52 chapters. This makes it easy to digest, I plan on reading one chapter each week. Although, I doubt you will want to stop reading at the end of just one chapter. Keep thumbing through the pages, you'll find insightful and nurturing information that will help you get through those menopausal lumps and bumps.

Mothers: Get a copy of this book for your daughter.
Daughters: Get a copy of this book for your mom.

Author: Monica Troughton

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The Heart of Love

How to Go Beyond Fantasy to Find True Relationship Fullfillment The Heart of Love. Hay House

Full Title: The Heart of Love: How to Go Beyond Fantasy to Find True Relationship Fulfillment

Guide to deepening your love relationships. Get beyond the ten relationship myths we've bought into and learn ten keys to self-fulfillment. There is a chapter devoted to the real story on finding your soul mate. Also offers help for dealing with grief from divorce or death of your partner.

Author: Dr. John F. Demartini

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The Secret

The Secret Is "The Law Attraction" The Secret. Beyond Words

The "Buzz" around this book and its message is nothing short of phenomenal!

"The Secret" is a compilation of teachings from spiritual leaders laying out the basics of the Law of Attraction Start making positive changes in your life. Get your hands on this book and begin understanding the amazing power of your thoughts and feelings.
Editor: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Beyond Words

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Ask and It Is Given

The Teachings of Abraham Ask and It Is Given. Hay House

Full Title: Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Principles of the Law of Attraction - Part 1 outlines the theory of attracting our desires. Part II outlines 22 proven processes (also called games) that are intended to help you achieve your intentions.

Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks

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The Journey Through Cancer

Healing and Transforming the Whole Person The Journey Through Cancer. Three Rivers Press

Full Title: The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person

Dr. Jeremy Geffen has outlined seven areas of concern that cancer patients and families of loved ones have. He calls them the Seven Levels of Healing®

  • Education and Information
  • Connection with Others
  • The Body as Garden
  • Emotional Healing
  • The Nature of Mind
  • Life Assessment
  • The Nature of Spirit

Summary of Seven Levels of Healing®

Author: Dr. Jeremy Geffen

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The Art of Being... Psychic

The Power to Free the Artist Within The Art of Being... Psychic. O Books

Creativity Meets Intuition - Psychic development workbook intended for helping artists learn how to create art while in altared states of awareness.

Author: June-Elleni Laine

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Crystal Prescriptions

A to Z Guide Crystal Prescriptions. O Books

Full Title: Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide to Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals

Alphabetical guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals

Symptom-based crystal self-help reference book allows you to quickly choose the best crystal remedies for treating specific ailments. In addition to helping you choose which crystals to use, guidelines are give for dowsing, placement, cleansing, and making crystal elixirs.

Author: Judy Hall
ISBN: 1905047401

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A-Z of Reiki Pocketbook

A-Z of Reiki
A-Z of Reiki pocketbookEverything About Reiki A-Z of Reiki. O Books

Full Title: A-Z of Reiki Pocketbook: Everything You Need to Know About Reiki

What do I love more than healing reference books? Pocket-size reference books! This little book is jam-packed with Reiki-related information. Reiki teachers and students alike will want to have it... just be sure to have your reading glasses handy. The print is pretty teeny for aging eyes. But I understand why, the publisher had to use a smaller print to get so much information loaded into this small package.

Authors: Bronwen and Frans Stiene

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A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands Clearing. Findhorn Press

Full Title: Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands

How to clear lands and buildings energetically. Includes shamanism, ceremony, sacred geometry, and Spirit medicine.
Author: Jim PathFinder Ewing

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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings
The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love Count Your Blessings. Hay House

Full Title: Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love 

Count Your Blessings offers twenty-five insightful chapters detailing "universal law" principals or concepts. Dr. John F. DeMartini teaches acceptance and unconditional love. He doesn't believe forgiveness is necessary to get past anger that is blocking us from healing our hurts. Demartini says each negative in our life has resulted in a positive. If negativity or fears are gripping your thinking, then your perceptions are being clouded. Reflection, realization, and affirmation exercises outlined at the end of each chapter will assist you in turning negatives into positives. Count Your Blessings!

Author: John F. DeMartini

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Another Time, Another Place

Another Place, Another Time
The Reincarnation of Crazy Horse Another Place, Another Time. Coramar Books

Full Title: Another Place, Another Time: The Reincarnation of Crazy Horse

The publicist for this book sites the author, Coral Montana, as "living proof" that reincarnation exists. I wasn't convinced by any clear proof. But, the autobiographic story C.D. Montana weaves is a captivating one. As I read through the pages I flip-flopped between being an absolute skeptic to willing believer that this middle-aged Australian woman might have indeed lived as the historic Sioux Warrior, Crazy Horse. Montana herself admits there were times that she struggled with the idea that she actually lived this other life. But in the end she is convinced that she did. She also fully understands that some people will not believe her. Montana also attempts to understand the karmic indications involving her past and present lifetimes. Her story will interest anyone who is exploring reincarnation or feels a strong spiritual connection to Native American Indians.

Author: C.D. Montana

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Easy Homeopathy

Easy Homeopathy
The 7 Essential Remedies You Need for Common Illnesses and First Aid Easy Homeopathy. McGraw-Hill

Full Title: Easy Homeopathy: The 7 Essential Remedies You Need for Common Illnesses and First Aid

Superb reference book that gives an introduction and basic rules for using homeopathic medicine. There are a variety of comparison charts given that helps specify the physical/emotional state of the individual along with symptoms that are indicated for different conditions. These charts help the reader choose the most beneficial remedy.

Author: Edward Shalts, M.D., D.Ht.

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Peace Mandala Coloring Book

Peace Mandala Coloring Book
from children around the world Peace Mandala Coloring Book. Mandali Publishing

What better combination than "color" "children" and "peace" to embrace diversity and promote healing. This coloring book is for all ages! Collection of twenty-five mandalas from around the world.

Author: Monique Mandali

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Getting Old Without Getting Anxious

Getting Old Without Getting Anxious
A Book For Seniors, Loved Ones, And Caretakers Getting Old Without Getting Anxious. Avery Publishers

Let's face it! There is no alternative to getting older, each day brings us a little closer to this reality. However, aging does not have to mean we need to suffer or anticipate difficulties that are often associated with growing older. Dr. Peter V. Rabins offers help for seniors and caretakers to become less anxious by offering coping skills and calming strategies for to ease our anxieties. His book gives us baby boomers the tools to face possible aging challenges that are before us.

Author: Peter V. Rabins, M.D. with Lynn Lauber

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Let Your Goddess Grow

Let Your Goddess Grow
7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking Let Your Goddess Grow. The Goddess Network Press

Full Title: Let Your Goddess Grow!: 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking

Affirmative actions and thoughts are featured for creating abundance and growing a spirit focused lifestyle. This is a helpful handbook to use to take inventory of the path you are currently taking and helps for moving toward a direction which will better serve you.

Author: Charlene M. Proctor, PhD.

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