How to Record Internet Radio and Streaming Audio

Easy Solutions

Freecorder by Applian Technologies. Photo Credit: © Applian Technologies

Recording Internet Radio and other streaming content from the Internet is a fairly straight forward task and has become easier over the years. Most computers today are better able to handle the rigors of recording, contain versatile soundcards, and work seamlessly with most of the better software applications available.

Free Options

Free And Easy: Record Radio Shows Online
The website houses a built-in guide with thousands of stations and radio shows which are easily searchable and recordable.

Once recorded, you can play your show back on your schedule. is a cloud service which means you don't need to buy or install anything in particular. A generous list of free apps lets you listen practically anywhere with your mobile device. Visit website.

Free And Easy: Freecorder Records Streaming Audio
Freecorder works great. For those who have basic needs for recording streaming audio, such as your favorite online Internet radio station, this application can easily do the job. Read Review.

The Freecorder Toolbar Makes Recording Internet Radio Simple
You really can't go wrong if you install Applian Technologies' Freecorder Toolbar. Applian is a leader in developing software for recording Internet streams and this free offering will satisfy many users' needs for simple, convenient and extremely easy recording of Internet Radio. Read Review.

Easy Radio is a No Brainer For Playing and Recording Internet Radio
Easy Radio plays Internet Radio stations and if you like, will record them, too.

Easy Radio has a built-in record function. You can manually start and stop a recording and save it into every popular sound format. Read Review.

Shareware and Trial Software

There are many applications that do an outstanding job of recording Internet Radio. With shareware and trial software you can assess whether a product fits your needs and budget.

Here are a few good ones.

Replay Radio 6.0 Outdoes Itself For Recording Internet Streams, Podcasts, and More
Replay Radio has always been a brilliant recording application for capturing radio programs off the Internet. Now, not only does it record Internet Radio but with version 6.0 it introduces Podcast support and more. Read Review.

radiotracker Turns Internet Streams into MP3s
RadioTracker automatically srips music from Internet Radio station streams and separates it into mp3 files for your personal library. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to build up your music library, this will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in digital download costs. Read Review.

FairStars Recorder is Versatile and Affordable.
FairStars Recorder is an excellent software application designed to record streaming audio off the Internet or any signal from your soundcard. The program works well, is versatile, and is also priced affordably. You get a solid app with plenty of options for your money. Read Review.

Streaming Audio Recording Software Chart

This is a features Comparison Chart between the major freeware and shareware applications designed to record streaming audio from webcasts, the internet and other online sources. See Chart.