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Prolific dreamers, such as myself, can lose themselves in their dream sequences. Every night brings a new adventure. In the morning I get to review my dreams in my mind and wonder.... why did I dream that? You might have questions about vivid dreams that capture your attention. Are these glimpses of past life memories? Or, was Gramps in last night's dream actually a spirit visitation? I could probably devote my whole life to exploring and analyzing my dreams.

I have actually spent a fair amount of time doing just that, but not for many years. I'm too absorbed in living my waking life nowadays. Mostly, I find my dreams entertaining and enjoy those amazing fade-in/fade-out moments of Theta each morning. I don't get as caught up in trying to figure out dream meanings anymore.

However, there is one type of dream that does get my brain gears grinding, trying to figure out what message is being given in recurring dreams. Recurring dreams or nightmares do deserve our attention. I'm convince they must have an important meaning or messages for us.

My most frequent recurring dreams are different variations of elevator dreams. Another recurring dream I have from time to time (last one occurred a couple nights ago) is with me driving a car down a road. Or, rather, the car is driving me. The accelerator works in reverse. When I step on the gas the car goes backwards instead of forward.

Very frustrating dream. There is an element of danger in it and I feel utterly out of control. And believe me, I'm very grateful when I wake up.

I usually have this recurring dream whenever I feel like I'm spinning my wheels in my life... or wishing I could just move on to something new or different a little quicker.

Maybe the message is for me to take my hands off the wheel (let go of trying to control) and not be in such a rush to get somewhere else. Why is it that we often feel what is ahead of us is more important than the moment at hand?

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