Red Baron's Kills

Manfred von Richthofen, German fighter pilot during the First World War (circa 1915). Imagno / Getty Images

Flying ace Manfred von Richthofen, more commonly known as the Red Baron, was not only one of the best pilots of World War I: he has become an icon of the war itself.

Credited with shooting down 80 enemy aircraft, the Red Baron owned the skies. His bright red airplane (a very unusual and ostentatious color for a fighting plane) brought both respect and fear. To the Germans, Richthofen was known as "the Red Battle Flier" and his exploits brought the German people courage as well as increased morale during the bloody years of the war.

Although the Red Baron survived for much longer than most fighter pilots during World War I, he eventually met their same fate. On April 21, 1918, the day after his 80th kill, the Red Baron once again got into his red airplane and went searching for the enemy. Unfortunately, this time, it was the Red Baron who was shot down.

Below is a list of the Red Baron's kills. Some of these aircraft held one and others held two people. Not all of the crew members were killed when their airplanes crashed.

No.DateType of AircraftLocation
1Sept. 17, 1916FE 2bnear Cambrai
2Sept. 23, 1916Martinsyde G 100Somme River
3Sept. 30, 1916FE 2bFremicourt
4Oct. 7, 1916BE 12Equancourt
5Oct. 10, 1916BE 12Ypres
6Oct. 16, 1916BE 12near Ypres
7Nov. 3, 1916FE 2bLoupart Wood
8Nov. 9, 1916Be 2cBeugny
9Nov. 20, 1916BE 12Geudecourt
10Nov. 20, 1916FE 2bGeudecourt
11Nov. 23, 1916DH 2Bapaume
12Dec. 11, 1916DH 2Mercatel
13Dec. 20, 1916DH 2Moncy-le-Preux
14Dec. 20, 1916FE 2bMoreuil
15Dec. 27, 1916FE 2bFicheux
16Jan. 4, 1917Sopwith PupMetz-en-Coutre
17Jan. 23, 1917FE 8Lens
18Jan. 24, 1917FE 2bVitry
19Feb. 1, 1917BE 2eThelus
20Feb. 14, 1917BE 2dLoos
21Feb. 14, 1917BE 2dMazingarbe
22Mar. 4, 1917Sopwith 1 1/2 StrutterAcheville
23Mar. 4, 1917BE 2dLoos
24Mar. 3, 1917BE 2cSouchez
25Mar. 9, 1917DH 2Bailleul
26Mar. 11, 1917BE 2dVimy
27Mar. 17, 1917FE 2bOppy
28Mar. 17, 1917BE 2cVimy
29Mar. 21, 1917BE 2cLa Neuville
30Mar. 24, 1917Spad VIIGivenchy
31Mar. 25, 1917Nieuport 17Tilloy
32April 2, 1917BE 2dFarbus
33April 2, 1917Sopwith 1 1/2 StrutterGivenchy
34April 3, 1917FE 2dLens
35April 5, 1917Bristol Fighter F 2aLembras
36April 5, 1917Bristol Fighter F 2aQuincy
37April 7, 1917Nieuport 17Mercatel
38April 8, 1917Sopwith 1 1/2 StrutterFarbus
39April 8, 1917BE 2eVimy
40April 11, 1917BE 2cWillerval
41April 13, 1917RE 8Vitry
42April 13, 1917FE 2bMonchy
43April 13, 1917FE 2bHenin
44April 14, 1917Nieuport 17Bois Bernard
45April 16, 1917BE 2cBailleul
46April 22, 1917FE 2bLagnicourt
47April 23, 1917BE 2eMericourt
48April 28, 1917BE 2ePelves
49April 29, 1917Spad VIILecluse
50April 29, 1917FE 2bInchy
51April 29, 1917BE 2dRoeux
52April 29, 1917Nieuport 17Billy-Montigny
53June 18, 1917RE 8Strugwe
54June 23, 1917Spad VIIYpres
55June 26, 1917RE 8Keilbergmelen
56June 25, 1917RE 8Le Bizet
57July 2, 1917RE 8Deulemont
58Aug. 16, 1917Nieuport 17Houthulster Wald
59Aug. 26, 1917Spad VIIPoelcapelle
60Sept. 2, 1917RE 8Zonebeke
61Sept. 3, 1917Sopwith PupBousbecque
62Nov. 23, 1917DH 5Bourlon Wood
63Nov. 30, 1917SE 5aMoevres
64Mar. 12, 1918Bristol Fighter F 2bNauroy
65Mar. 13, 1918Sopwith CamelGonnelieu
66Mar. 18, 1918Sopwith CamelAndigny
67Mar. 24, 1918SE 5aCombles
68Mar. 25, 1918Sopwith CamelContalmaison
69Mar. 26, 1918Sopwith CamelContalmaison
70Mar. 26, 1918RE 8Albert
71Mar. 27, 1918Sopwith CamelAveluy
72Mar. 27, 1918Bristol Fighter F 2bFoucacourt
73Mar. 27, 1918Bristol Fighter F 2bChuignolles
74Mar. 28, 1918Armstrong Whitworth FK 8Mericourt
75April 2, 1918FE 8Moreuil
76April 6, 1918Sopwith CamelVillers-Bretonneux
77April 7, 1918SE 5aHangard
78April 7, 1918Spad VIIVillers-Bretonneux
79April 20, 1918Sopwith CamelBois-de-Hamel
80April 20, 1918Sopwith CamelVillers-Bretonneux