How to Reduce and Eliminate Glare and Eye Strain

Reducing Glare to Reduce Eye Strain

Glare is caused by the reflection of light off of surfaces and is a primary cause of eye strain. You can get rid of glare by controlling the light source, the surface reflecting it or by filtering it before it reaches your eyes.

The Light Source

  • Direct light causes the most glare. Use reflected light instead.
  • Diffuse your light. Translucent filters (like lamp shades or globes) soften the light.
  • Use curtains or translucent plastic blinds on windows. Closing these will diffuse the incoming light instead of reflecting them like solid metal or wood blinds.

    The Surface

    • Shininess is measured by reflection and glare. That means the duller the surface the less glare there will be. Use work surfaces that have matte finishes.
    • Some items, like computer screens, are inherently smooth and therefore glossy. Use a glare filter over them.​
    • Place your work surface at a right angle to the direct light source. Items 90 degrees to the light have the least amount of reflections and glare.
    • Typically it is best to place your work surface 90 degrees to the window and use reflected artificial light sources.

    Your Eyes

    • If you cannot eliminate the glare, then stop it before it gets to your eyes.
    • Polarized lenses on sunglasses eliminate a lot of glare. Prescription lenses can be polarized as well. This is the best option when driving since you can not control the light source or the surface.
    • There are other anti-glare coatings for prescription lenses that are all worth the money. If you do not need corrective lenses but suffer from eye strain you can get all the benefits of anti-glare lenses without them being ground to a prescription. Consult your eye doctor for this.
    • Sporting equipment offers another alternative. Shooting and hunting glasses dramatically reduce glare as well.
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