Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz

Do you know how to reduce relative clauses?

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1. My friends who are studying in Italy will be at the party.
2. The man who was handsome worked in Hollywood.
3. The students who study at our school come from all over the world.
4. The cake that was selected came from an Italian bakery.
5. Seattle, which is famous for its seafood, is a beautiful city.
6. The towels that are on the chair can be used in the club showers.
7. The men that are working on the project come from India.
8. Tom, who was responsible for sales, made the presentation.
Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Know Your Relative Clauses!
I got You Know Your Relative Clauses!. Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
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Congratulations! You really understand how to reduce relative clauses. This will certainly help you vary your writing style. Keep working on your writing skills as they will come in very handy in your professional life. Remember to write as you study - even if you are online. This will help your writing skills grow. 

Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
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I got Good Try, This is Hard!. Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
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This is a difficult quiz, so you've done well. However, there are still some rules on reducing relative clauses you'll need to learn, as well as practice writing these types of sentences. That's OK, if you're doing this exercise, your English is already very good!

Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
You got: % Correct. Keep Studying Relative Clauses
I got Keep Studying Relative Clauses. Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz
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Reducing relative clauses is difficult to understand. Review the rules on relative clauses and you'll be able to do this as well. It takes lots of practice, so make sure to write down what you learn as you learn online. It will help you learn the forms!