What to Do if You Missed The SAT

Missed the SAT: Now what?

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So, you are one of those people who registered for the Redesigned SAT and, for whatever reason didn't take it. Maybe you had the flu on test day (which would be decidedly awful) or perhaps you pulled an all-nighter on Friday and didn't feel up to par when you woke up on Saturday morning. Maybe, you thought better about taking the SAT when you hadn't prepared for it and instead of taking the test, you opted to sign for an SAT prep class instead. No matter the reason, you decided not to take the SAT on the day you had initially chosen. The question is, what in the world do you do now?

There is an answer to your question, and it is not going to cost you your SAT score, your college admissions, or a ton of money, either.

What Will Happen After Missing the SAT 

If you have registered for an SAT test but decided not to show up to take the exam, two things are going to happen to you moving forward:

  1. You will get a credit. The registration fee you paid for the SAT test will sit in your College Board account just waiting to be used again. That's good news, right? You thought you or your parents would be out of luck when it came to the cash, but that's not how it works. Sure, you will not get a refund (life isn't always that easy), but the money is not completely lost unless you choose to never take the SAT because you think you don't need it or because the ACT suits you better. 
  2. Your registration for that date will go away. Go ahead and breathe a quick sigh of relief. You will not get a zero on the test for not showing up to take it. Don't sweat it. Bonus? Colleges and universities will never know that you registered to take the SAT and did not make it to the testing center.

Moving Forward

Now what? Should you go ahead and register to take the exam another time? Are you able to do so? Is there a compelling reason to take the SAT at all? Actually, there are four good reasons to take the SAT, so we'd strongly recommend it unless you're going to take the ACT. 

The good news is that you can take it again. The College Board won't hold it against you that you did not show up the first time. If you decide to register again, you can transfer your SAT registration to another test date coming up by paying a transfer fee. It isn't free, but it's better than having to pay for the whole SAT again. This time, however, be sure to pay attention to your preparation.

Preparing for the SAT

There are dozens of test prep companies out there hoping that you will choose them when it comes time to get ready for the SAT exam. This time, you are going to make sure you do that, right? Right. Before you do, take a peek at the following informational articles to help set you on the right path. 

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