What You Need to Know About Registering for the GRE

Complete your GRE registration
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Prometric, the company that administers the GRE General Test, works hard to ensure you can take the test at a time that's convenient for you. Unlike the SAT, ACT or MCAT, there are no standardized national testing dates set in stone for the computer-based GRE. The testing times vary from city to city and country to country, so completing your GRE registration is a little more complicated.

These GRE registration details are standard, though, so make sure you read and understand what you have to do.

GRE Registration Facts

First, take a dive into the GRE fee information before you get started, so you know exactly how much this bad boy is going to set you back. If you're taking the computer-based GRE, you can register online, by phone (call 1-800-GRE-CALL) or by mail. If you're taking the the paper-based GRE, then your options are to register by mail or online. You can't register online if you need a fee reduction, testing accommodations, Monday testing, or standby testing, so check into those if you have special circumstances. If you do complete your registration online, you'll receive immediate confirmation as well as an email confirmation.

You can search by country, state, and city to find a testing location nearest to you and you can also search within a three-month time frame to find a testing appointment time that would work for you and your busy schedule. Unlike the LSAT, there are many options both during the week and on the weekends to take the test so finding a time that works is pretty easy. As the GRE testing appointments are four hours long, you should take that into consideration if you're fitting this in around important dates. 

GRE Registration Options

You are allowed to take the GRE a number of times, but there are some rules. You cannot take the GRE more than five times in any 12-month (not calendar year) period. And those administrations must be 21 days apart at the minimum. You may not exceed this number for any reason, even if you have chosen to cancel your GRE score 

Acceptable ID for the GRE

When you register for the test, you'll be asked to provide an acceptable form of identification such as a passport with name, photo, and signature, driver's license with name, photo, and signature or military identification with name photo and signature. (Other forms of ID are acceptable, too, based on your country). Pay attention to the information on your ID when registering. Your registration entry must match your ID card exactly when you show up to test (except for accents), or you will not be allowed to sit for the exam. If you have questions because of your unique name, then check out the information from ETS regarding registering under those circumstances.

Complete Your GRE Registration

Ready to get started? Before you register, make sure you understand the test you're actually taking. Learn more about the Revised GRE, along with details for the GRE Verbal Reasoning Section and the GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section. Then, jump to the ETS website and complete your GRE registration today.