A Profile of Reina de Corazones (Queen of Hearts)

Everything You Need to Know About Reina de Corazones (Queen of Hearts)

Paola Núñez and Eugenio Siller in "Reina de Corazones.". Telemundo/Juan Manuel Garcia

Reina de Corazones (Queen of Hearts), which stars Paola Núñez, Eugenio Siller, Juan Soler and Catherine Siachoque,  is a story of a love that must overcome the barrier of amnesia, and where the glamorous nightlife and casinos of Las Vegas play a prominent role in a plot characterized by mysterious twists and turns, espionage, conspiracy, intrigue, crime, and romance.

The Reina de Corazones (Queen of Hearts) premiere reached a cumulative audience of 2,592,000 total viewers and 1,409,000 adults 18-49, according to Nielsen.

 Starring Paola Núñez, Eugenio Siller, Juan Soler, Catherine Siachoque and Laura Flores, the original production averaged 1,708,000 total viewers and 879,000 adults 18-49. 



Broadcast History:

Reina de Corazones  premieres Monday, July 7, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 Central.


Paola Núñez as Reina Ortiz
Eugenio Siller as Javier Bolivar
Juan Soler as Víctor de Rosas
Catherine Siachoque as Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo
Laura Flores as Smith
Gabriel Coronel as Frank Marino
Henrry Zakka as Octavio de Rosas
Paulo Quevedo as Isidro Castillo
Sergio Mur as Fernando San Juan
Geraldine Galvan as Greta de Rosas
Pablo Azar as  Juanjo García
Wanda D'Isidoro as Susana Santillán
Maura Luisa Flores as Constanza 'Connie' Leiva
Thali Garcia as Camila de Rosas
Rosalinda Rodriguez as Carmen de Ortíz
Paloma Marquez as Miriam
Raul Arrieta as Andrés Hidalgo
Ezequiel Montalt as Juan Balboa 'Rocky'
Pricila Perales as Delfina Ortíz
Sebastian Ferrat as Christian Palacios
Marisa Del Portillo as Asunción Almada
Guido Massri as Damian
Nicole Apolonio as Clara de Rosas
Emmanuel Perez as Román Leiva

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Additional information:

Reina de Corazones, set in the glitz of Sin City, is the story of Reina and Nicolás, a young couple madly in love and about to get married in Las Vegas.

Tragically, when the groom never shows up for the wedding, a devastated Reina faints at the doorstep of the chapel.  When Reina comes to and opens her eyes again, she learns that eight years have passed and she has no memory of the events that have taken place.

Reina Ortiz (Paola Núñez) is a humble seamstress, an orphan who lives with a stepmother and stepsister who make her life miserable: a 21st century Cinderella. Nicolás Núñez is a handsome young man who works as a valet parking attendant.  He takes life as it comes. Playing poker is his biggest challenge.

Reina and Nicolás first meet at a wedding, and it is love at first sight, but neither wants to admit it for fear of losing the other.  What they don't know is that a pair of villains lurking in the shadows will turn their lives upside down.

Víctor De Rosas (Juan Soler) is a wealthy businessman with a double life.  In public, he is the successful owner of Camille, a sexy lingerie brand.  In secret, however, he is one of the world's leading gold and diamond traffickers.  Víctor will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he becomes obsessed with Reina the minute he meets her.

Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo (Catherine Siachoque) is an erotic film star.

Widowed on the night of her wedding to a business magnate, she inherits one of the biggest fortunes in Vegas.  Her secret identity is as the Queen of Diamonds, an infamous diamond trafficker.

The night of her wedding, Reina suffers a terrible accident, and when she awakens nothing is the same.  She has lost eight years of her life -- eight years for which her mind is a blank.  She has a husband and daughter she doesn't recognize and a life of power and luxury she can't begin to understand.  She can't figure out how she went from being a poor seamstress to a millionaire wife, mother and owner of a exclusive bridal boutique.  She doesn't remember Nicolás, the love of her life; Víctor, her husband; or even Clara, her daughter. Her conscious mind seems to have frozen hours before meeting Nicolás eight years before.

  Now Reina will have to reconstruct her past, slowly piecing together the puzzle in an atmosphere of secrets, traps and deceit.

Will love be stronger than lies, betrayal, revenge and oblivion?  Can love triumph in a world that centers on gambling, fake weddings and gem trafficking? What happens when someone loses eight years of their life… forever?

Music Notes:

Latin music icon Enrique Iglesias provides the telenovela's theme song, Bailando, and lead actor, Eugenio Siller's own Te Esperare, is also featured.