Reincarnation and Past Lives Memories

Have you lived before? Here are true stories from readers about experiences they might have had that indicate reincarnation or past lives.

Called to the Pond

Balinese Hindu Temple Carving
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"As I grew older and the voice came back, it was also followed by a strong desire to go for a walk in a north-eastern direction out into the grassy parts outside my hometown...."

Children's Past Lives?

"I am experiencing an upsetting situation with my two-year-old daughter. She becomes terrified beyond reason, absolutely inconsolable, and hysterical while riding in the car when it is raining...."

Civil War Past Life

"She starts telling me that we were brothers and lived in the house we do now, but we were black and not that happy...."

Eternal Standoff with Demons

According to a demon, four people have been locked in an eternal standoff in which they tried to consume their souls until their lives ended.

I Believe I Was Thomas Edison

Rajen lists all the reasons he believes he was the great inventor.

Lapse Into a Past Life

Her husband appeared to be in a very deep sleep. The TV was on and our German shepherd was sleeping comfortably on the floor. Suddenly, my husband started talking with his eyes closed....

Lapse into a Past Life - 2

"All of a sudden I looked up at her and told her to lay my yellow and white ball gown out...."

Learned How To Find Past Lives

Right before you go to sleep you totally relax and work on remembering as far back into your childhood as you can....

Lincoln Family Reincarnation?

"My son knows everything about him, even the names of all his kids. We were looking at some pictures of President Lincoln's children and the eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln, looks a lot like my son Austin...."

Mom's Past Life

"From the time I can ever remember hearing the German language, it has really scared me. I don't like hearing it, I never have. I must have had a bad experience with it. It might be my past life or something...."

Past Life as a WWII Marine

"I had a dream about my past life as a Marine in WWII. I remember being on a patrol...."

Past Life in Africa

"For years I haven't recognized myself in a mirror or in photos. I always expect to see 'me' as a dignified, famine-thin black woman with a long neck, very short hair, high cheekbones and dark expressive eyes...."

Sensitive Girl

"I'm quite puzzled about some of the things that M_____ has said to my mother while staying at her home while I'm at work...."

Transported Back to 1939

"I was in the body of a woman and I had spent decades in my own male body. I also noticed that this woman was wearing the most uncomfortable underwear, bra, and possibly a girdle...."