Report Card Comments for Science

A Collection of Comments Regarding Students' Progress in Science

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Report cards provide parents and guardians with essential information regarding their child's progress in school. Besides a letter grade, parents are given a brief descriptive comment that elaborates the student's strengths or what the student needs to improve upon. Finding the exact words to describe a meaningful comment takes effort. Feedback also may vary by subject. What applies in math does not always apply in science.

It's important to state a student's strength then follow it with a concern. Below are a few examples of positive phrases to use as well as examples comments that indicate some concerns are evident.

Positive Comments

In writing comments for elementary student report cards, use the following positive phrases regarding students' progress in science.

  1. Is a leader during in-class science activities.
  2. Understands and executes the scientific process in class.
  3. Has an analytic mind for science concepts.
  4. Takes pride in his science projects.
  5. Did a wonderful job on her __ science project.
  6. Strongest work is in science.
  7. Is drawn to our science corner in all his or her free time.
  8. Continues to turn in top-notch science assignments.
  9. Continues to conduct top-notch science experiments.
  10. Particularly enjoys hands-on science experiments.
  11. Has a naturally investigative nature in science.
  12. Is quite proficient in all science concepts and vocabulary.
  13. Is able to identify and describe all science vocabulary.
  14. Demonstrates an understanding of target science content and makes relevant connections.
  15. Demonstrates an enhanced understanding of science content.
  16. Meets all learning standards in science.
  17. Shows an understanding of systems that are designed to accomplish a task.
  18. Uses the appropriate science vocabulary in her oral responses and written work.
  19. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the concepts and skills learned.
  20. Makes a great effort in science and is very inquisitive.
  21. Is doing a great job in science and always is the first to hand in assignments.

Needs Improvement Comments

On those occasions when you need to convey less-than-positive information on a student's report card regarding science, use the following phrases to assist you.

  1. Needs to study for science tests.
  2. Needs to learn science vocabulary.
  3. Has difficulty memorizing scientific concepts.
  4. Many science homework assignments have not been handed in.
  5. Reading comprehension often interferes with __'s ability to perform well on science tests.
  6. Understanding of scientific terms often interferes with __'s ability to perform well on science tests.
  7. I would like to see __ improve her note-taking skills.
  8. I would like to see __ improve his vocabulary skills.
  9. Seems to show no interest in our science program.
  10. Needs to review science concepts and vocabulary as she is having a great deal of difficulty.
  11. Lack of attention in class may account for the difficulty he has with assignments.
  12. Needs to improve in science.
  13. Needs to develop more self-confidence in science.
  14. Does not appropriately use scientific inquiry skills.
  15. Demonstrates a week understanding of science content.
  16. Does not yet use science vocabulary appropriately.
  17. __needs to explore the connections between researched information and real-world applications.
  18. __needs to describe his observations more fully and link them clearly to the purpose of the experiment.
  19. __needs to use more information from previous learning and research to support his opinions.
  20. ___needs to use exact measurements when recording scientific observations.
  21. ___needs to acquire science and technology vocabulary and use it in both oral and written responses.
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