Republican National Conventions

List of Republican National Conventions Since 1856

Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States
Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States and First Presidential Nominee for the Republican National Party. Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USP6-2415-A DLC

Here is a list of the dates and locations of the Republican National Conventions that have occurred since 1856. The main purpose of the convention is to nominate a presidential and vice presidential candidate. Further, the Republican Party adopts a party platform listing the principles and beliefs to which the party adheres. These individual beliefs are called planks.

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in May.

Only two years previously, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" had found wide acclaim and many individuals joined the fight against slavery. According to Horace Greeley, the original goal was to unitwe think some simple name like 'Republican' would more fitly designate those who had united to restore the Union to its true mission of champion and promulgator of Liberty rather than propagandist of slavery." A group who were later called Republicans first met early in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin. 

Later, on July 6, 1854, the Republican Party was actually born. A group of individuals who were against slavery met in Jackson, Michigan to found the new political party. An estimated crowd over 10,000 met on the hot convention day. However, the hall which had been set aside for the convention was too small. Therefore, the large group met "under the oaks' at a grove called "Morgan's Forty" nearby. The state selected numerous candidates and the Republican Party soon grew and won many electoral victories that year.

By 1856, the national party met in Philadelphia to nominate John C. Fremont as their first candidate for president. 

Most Republican National Conventions have occurred in Chicago. Further, the majority of conventions over time have happened in the month of June. The Republican convention has met one time every presidential election cycle since 1856 unlike the Democrats who met twice in 1860 since they were deadlocked after the first convention.

Republican National Conventions

1856PhiladelphiaJohn C. Fremont
1860ChicagoAbraham Lincoln
1864BaltimoreAbraham Lincoln
1868ChicagoUlysses Grant
1872PhiladelphiaUlysses Grant
1876CincinnatiRutherford B. Hayes
1880ChicagoJames Garfield
1884ChicagoJames G. Blaine
1888ChicagoBenjamin Harrison
1892MinneapolisBenjamin Harrison
1896St. LouisWilliam McKinley
1900PhiladelphiaWilliam McKinley
1904ChicagoTheodore Roosevelt
1908ChicagoWilliam Howard Taft
1912ChicagoWilliam Howard Taft
1916ChicagoCharles Evan Hughes
1920ChicagoWarren G. Harding
1924ClevelandCalvin Coolidge
1928Kansas CityHerbert Hoover
1932ChicagoHerbert Hoover
1936ClevelandAlfred Landon
1940PhiladelphiaWendell Willkie
1944ChicagoThomas Dewey
1948PhiladelphiaThomas Dewey
1952ChicagoDwight Eisenhower
1956San FranciscoDwight Eisenhower
1960ChicagoRichard Nixon
1964San FranciscoBarry Goldwater
1968Miami BeachRichard Nixon
1972Miami BeachRichard Nixon
1976Kansas CityGerald Ford
1980DetroitRonald Reagan
1984DallasRonald Reagan
1988New OrleansGeorge H. W. Bush
1992HoustonGeorge H. W. Bush
1996San DiegoBob Dole
2000PhiladelphiaGeorge W. Bush
2004New YorkGeorge W. Bush
2008St. PaulJohn McCain
2012TampaMitt Romney