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Five Flower Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy
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Rescue Remedy is a combination of essences that is used in emergency situations to stabilize trauma situations. It eases fear and restores one's state of calm and confidence. However, it is not intended to replace emergency care or assistance. This first aid formula of flowering herbs was originally combined through the studies of Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic practitioner who pioneered working with subtle flower energies.

Keep a source bottle handy (in your home, in your handbag or briefcase, also inside your car) for easy access. Rescue remedy can be used for treating shock, calming anxieties, and balancing energies in general. Especially helpful for anyone suffering from emotional issues.

Dosage: Ten drops in glass of water or juice, sipped as often as needed. If the person is unconscious or unable to drink the formula can be rubbed directly onto soft tissues of the body, lips, temples, inner wrists, etc.

Rescue Remedy Essences

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem is a restorative remedy for calming anyone who has experienced shock or trauma. It has a balancing energy that is helpful in taking while undergoing counseling or therapeutic healing periods. Aids the grief process.

Rock Rose
Rock Rose remedy is recommended in the event of life threatening emergency. It calms the individual when experiencing extreme panic, terror, or hysteria, restoring strength and courage.

Impatiens essence remedy addresses metal stresses and tensions. It calms feelings of impatience and irritability. It slows the tendency to move to quickly without care or forethought. Calming. Allows one to deepen his/her life experience without experiencing burnout.

Cherry Plum
Cherry Plum essence addresses emotions of desperation and loss of control.

This remedy helps one re-connect with a higher power when the tensions and pressures of life are overwhelming. It brings mental calmness and emotional encouragement, allowing stresses and fears to be overcome.

Clematis remedy brings about focused awareness. It retards floaty or dreamy escapes. It is a grounding essence that wakes up the individual to better evaluate the present situation.

This specialized formula of five flower essences is the only combo among the Original Bach Remedies. Each of these five essences are also available individually. In today's market you can find many market places and flower essence practitioners who offer special formulas. You can also create your own formulas, either by combining individual essences you have purchased OR from essence tinctures made from your own flower garden.

Who Was Edward Bach?

Dr. Edward Bach ( September 24,1886 - November 27, 1936), was a surgeon, bacteriologist, and pathologist. He studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London, England. Dr. Bach earned the Diploma of Public Health (DPH) at Cambridge. He also worked as a House Surgeon at the University His primary interests in the medical field were vaccines, homeopathy, and nature remedies.

His greatest achievement was his discovery of 38 original flower remedies, known as Bach Healing Herbs, used to treat the underlying emotional causes of diseases. He died at 50 years of age.

Flower essences are interesting remedies meant to address both your spiritual and emotional imbalances. How much do you know about this therapy? Take the Quiz: What is Your Flower Essence IQ? and find out.

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