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An architect's tools
An architect's tools. Photo © Lucidio Studio Inc / Getty Images

Whether you are writing a research paper or simply curious about buildings and design, you want to find answers fast. This page will help you find architecture facts and photos on the Web.


Our architecture index covers many categories of information related to architecture and design. To jump start your research, begin by browsing through these popular categories:


Architecture is a visual art. To see photographs and drawings of great buildings and structures, begin with an online photo archive. Mind you, most of these photos are copyright protected. They are there for you to enjoy, but don't copy the pictures onto a Web site without permission from the photographer or Webmaster. Here are a few of the most extensive photo galleries:

  • Cities/Buildings Archive
    Images of buildings in more than 30 countries, arranged geographically.
  • Digital Archives
    From Boston College, public, commercial, and residential buildings in the USA and Europe, organized according to historic period or style.
  • Digital Imaging Project
    More than 18,000 images indexed by location, architect, and historic period.
  • Library of Congress
    Search the American Memories collection for historic photos of famous buildings and domestic architecture.
  • S*P*I*R*O Slide Library
    Thousands of thumbnail images are included in this collection from Berkeley. Search by period, location, building name, or building type.


Many databases include photos, but they go beyond that. These vast resources contain extensive facts and statistics about buildings, structures, architects, urban design, and other topics related to architecture.

Start with these:


You can reach thousands of readers on the Internet. Take the plunge and raise your question in an online discussion forum. Many visitors read the discussion forum for this site, so posting here is a great way to get feedback and advice. If you wish, you may also post a photo or drawing with your question. Here's how to post your illustrations.


The replies you receive in an online discussion forum may contain just the information you need. However, not everyone you meet online will be an expert. For advanced advice, you may want to consult a pro. Organizations for for architects and professionals in related fields can offer guidance.

Here's just a sampling:

I hope you have fun exploring this site and that you find the information you need.

But if you should get lost, post a message! Chances are, someone on the Web can point you in the right direction.