Resolve to Read the Classics

10 Resources for the New Year

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Have you decided that this is your year for reading more Classic Literature? We've got some helpful suggestions for books to read, clubs to consider forming or joining, genres to discover, and even ways to beat the reading slumps

Reading Lists

Have a Play-Full New Year!

One of the more overlooked genres of classic literature (or any literature, really) is drama. Readers tend to gravitate towards novels, first, and poetry second. But the truth is, there are a number of classic plays of various modes, including comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy, and histories that are incredibly interesting, entertaining, and educational! Click the link above to see what plays we recommend reading this year!

Tackle this List of 101 Classics

Have you always wanted to read the classics but have been intimidated by the sheer number of them? Maybe you’ve heard of classic writers like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, but you aren’t sure who else qualifies? The list of 101 Classics provides a wealth of options across all genres, modes, and literary periods. There is definitely something for every reader. Check it out!

Classic Young Adult Literature

Did you know that there are a significant number of so-called “young adult” novels that also fit the genre of classic literature? This category has been increasing in popularity over the last decade, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best classic works that resonate with younger readers or which are narrated by young adults.

How About some Literary Resolutions?

Every year, January rolls around and we find ourselves making a variety of resolutions. It might be to lose weight, to manage our budget a little better, or to try new things. But have you ever considered adding reading resolutions to that list? This post will provide you with a number of various resolutions that you as a Classic Literature-lover are sure to enjoy (and might actually succeed in keeping!).

Try These Books to Beat the Classics Slump

This list is designed for those of us who are regular readers of classic literature but who have, for whatever reason, found ourselves in a bit of a reading slump. Maybe we’ve been trying a genre that’s not speaking to us at the moment, or a period that we’re not responding to. The books above are meant to help you break out of the slump and enjoy the classics all over again!

Book Club Information

What Is a Book Club, anyway?

This might sound like a simple, easy question, but how often have you thought about it? What is a book club, really, and why are they important? What should a book club do for you, and what should you expect from it? Here are some of our thoughts on the subject.

What About Online Book Clubs?

Another question we might ask ourselves is, what about this whole "online" book club thing? How do they work? How are they organized? Do we use web cams, blogs, or other pre-arranged book sites? There are a number of "pros" and "cons" to the online scene, and we address some of each here.

Join/Start a Book Club or Reading Group

Now that we've thought about what a book club really is, and whether we might want to participate in an online or traditional format, there are some other questions to address. For example, how exactly can we go about forming a book club? And, once we've formed it, how can we develop rules and expectations? How might we make the club fun? What are some of the issues that typically arise? Be ready to tackle all of these questions and more by browsing our thoughts on the subject.

How to Select a Classic Book for Your Book Club

Since you're browsing the Classic Literature section of, it's likely that you're not only interested in starting a book club, but perhaps a book club that specifically works with Classic literature. Well, how do you go about selecting those classics? How can you make a potentially-eclectic and skills-diverse group happy with your choices? Here are some suggestions!

Common Rules and Standards for Your Book Club

Finally, now that you've formed your book club and decided how to choose your readings, it's time to think about the rules and expectations. Believe it or not, even a book club can be prone to confusion, tension, and other issues. It's important that everyone knows and agrees to the rules right away. This post offers some ideas about guidelines to help your group stay positive and successful.