List of Resources for Adult Students with a Kinesethetic Learning Style

Resources for understanding the tactile-kinesthetic learning style

It can take a long time to sort through the pages and pages of Internet sites regarding learning styles. We wanted a quicker way to find helpful information, so we put together this list of resources regarding the tactile-kinesthetic learning style.

What is a learning style? People learn in different ways. Some like to see something done before trying it on their own. They are visual learners. Others want to listen to information, to hear instructions. These students are considered auditory learners. Some students want to actually do a task while they are learning it. They want to touch the material involved, walk through the paces. These are tactile-kinesthetic learners.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, kinesthesia is the sensation felt in your muscles and joints when you move your body.

You don't really need a test to tell you what your learning style is, although they are available. Most people know from experience how they prefer to learn. Are you a tactile-kinesthetic learner? These resources are for you.

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Tactile-Kinesthetic Learning Activities

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Grace Fleming,'s Homework/Study Tips Expert, offers a nice list of activities that help define the tactile-kinesthetic learner. She also includes "worst test type" and "best test type." Handy!

Read now: Tactile Learning

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Tips for Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners and Teachers

Lena Mirisola - Image Source - Getty Images 492717469's Secondary Education Expert, Melissa Kelly, offers a description of kinesthetic learners that includes tips for teachers on how to adapt lessons for the kinesthetic student.

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Kinesthetic Intelligence Quiz

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Kendra Cherry,'s Psychology Expert, discusses Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, which includes a natural propensity for movement. Take Kendra's Multiple Intelligences Quiz!

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The Kinesthetic Learning Style in Test Prep

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Kelly Roell,'s Test Prep Expert, offers strategies for both kinesthetic students and their teachers.

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Kinesthetic Language Learning

Clay Cooper

How do you go about learning a new language when your learning style is kinesthetic? Gerald Erichsen, Spanish Language Expert at, has some ideas for you.

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Kinesthetic Learning Video

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While this video from Stephanie Gallagher, Video Expert at, involves kids, the study tips are valid for adults, too. The page includes a transcript of the video.

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Ways to Teach Music Kinesthetically

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Music seems auditory, obviously, but it's also incredibly tactile. I was delighted to find this website — My Harp's Delight, which includes ways to teach music kinesthetically.

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Active Learning Techniques

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From the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College in Northfield, MN comes this nice list of active learning techniques. SERC at Carleton also includes related information they call Cooperative Learning.

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International Learning Styles

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From ILSA, International Learning Styles of Australasia, comes two very thorough and unusual tables of strategies for tactile and kinesthetic learners. This site separates the two: