50 Resources for MBA Applicants

Prepare to Get Accepted

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Free Help With Business School

If you are thinking about business school or getting ready to apply to an MBA program, there are a lot of free resources right here on this site that can help you choose an MBA program, pay for your education, study for the GMAT, and prepare your business school application.

Choosing an MBA Program

  • Guide to MBA Programs - Find out what an MBA program is and how it can benefit you.
  • MBA Applicant Checklist - This MBA checklist will help you launch your search for the perfect MBA program/business school.
  • Earning an MBA Online - Find out what an online MBA program is like and what you can expect from it while in school and after graduation.
  • Business School Profiles - See profiles for more than 100 graduate business schools and programs. Learn about academics, admissions, and more.
  • International Business School Profiles - See profiles for some of the world's best non-U.S. business schools.
  • Online Business School Profiles - See profiles for business schools that offer online MBA programs or online business courses.
  • How to Choose a Business School - When choosing a business school, there are many things to consider. This list will help keep you focused.
  • Finding an Accredited MBA Program - Learn what accreditation is, why it is important, and how you can find an accredited MBA program.
  • How to Evaluate a Business School - Once you have narrowed down the field of choices, use this step-by-step process to evaluate each business school.​

Business School Rankings

  • The Importance of Business School Rankings - How important are business school rankings? This article offers a few guidelines.

Paying for Business School

  • How Much Does It Cost to Earn an MBA? - Find out how much the average tuition is for an MBA program, learn the difference between advertised costs and actual costs, and discover how you can earn an MBA for less.
  • Social Network Loans - Find out how you can get a low-cost loan from your social network through GreenNote.

GMAT Resources

Recommendation Letters

Applying to Business School

More MBA Resources
  • Where to Network Online - Get a list of places for business students and professionals to network online.
  • Your First Year of Business School - Find out what you can expect from the first year in a traditional MBA program.
  • Second Year of Business School - Find out what you can expect from the second year in a traditional MBA program.
  • Business School Newsletter - This weekly newsletter, delivered via email, can help you through business school and beyond.
  • Business Majors Forum - If you have any questions or advice or if you simply want to chat with other business applicants and students, this forum offers an outlet.
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