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Sacred Sukhmani Sahib Prayerbook, CD and Download

A Sikh pilgrim in prayer and meditation at the Golden Temple. Getty / Christopher Pillitz / Contributor

Sukhmani Sahib, a composition of Guru Arjan Dev, appears between pages 262 and 296 in Sikhism's sacred scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. Sukhmani has the capability of inducing calm, serenity and equipoise when reading or reciting its sublime passages. Sukhmani is written in the Gurmukhi script of the divine poetic language Gurbani. Study is essential for every Sikh in order to fully understand the meanings.

"Sacred Sukhmani" by Harbans Singh, first published in 1979, offers English interpretations along with phonetic spellings. This is a must have reference book for anyone learning to read and understand Sukhmani.

Sukhmani Sahib Audio CD Recordings & Resources

Sukhmani Sahib By Satnam Singh Sethi
Sukhmani Sahib By Satnam Singh Sethi. Photo Courtesy Pricegrabber

Sukhmani Sahib Paath CD by Bhai Manmohan Singh Ragi (San Jose CA). Recording is recited in a soothing clear musical voice with drone background, about 78 minutes. - 24 tracks (1 for each Ashtipadi) for ease in learning - $2.00 + $1.00 S&H

Sukhmani Sahib Audio CD by Professor Satnam Singh Sethi is about 73 minutes in length (73:15), clearly pronounced and recited with a background drone. This rendition of Sukhmani Sahib is both pleasing and soothing to listen to.

Preview, or download free in two parts:

Sukhmani Sahib Audio CD by Bhai Tarlochan Singh Ragi.

Sri Sukhmani Sahib, by anonymous author Dassan Daas. Hardbound English explanation of Romanized transliteration text.

Compare Sukhmani Sahib Audio, Video, Preview and Download Resources

Sacred Sukhmani Soft Cover Edition
Sacred Sukhmani Soft Cover Edition. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Compare and listen free to the prayer of Sukhmani Sahib sung or recited by various artists such as Giani Sant Singh Maskeen, Bhai Nazar Singh, Bhai Nirmal Singh and Giani Thakur Singh:

Preview or download free sublime rendition sung by Bhai Nirmal Singh, each section about 60 minutes:

Listen to the prayer of Sukhmani recited in an online video while you read along:

Each video segment is about 45 minutes in length which is a very good speed for learning. Each line of the Sukhmani hymn appears in Gurmukhi, with English interpretation and Romanized text.

Easy to read pdf file features each line of Sukhmani Sahib with Gurmukhi script Roman phonetic transliteration text and English translation. Download or read online.

"Sacred Sukhmani" by Harbans Singh Doabia (Gurmukhi--Roman--English) Hardcover

Sacred Sukhmani Hardbound Velor Edition
Sacred Sukhmani Hardbound Velor Edition. Photo © [S Khalsa]

A must have reference for beginning readers learning Gurbani, and for in-depth study of English meanings of the divine hymn Sukhmani Sahib. "Sacred Sukhmani" is presented in two parts. Part One, "Sukhmani Sahib" includes pronunciation guide, original Gurmukhi script, and Romanized phonetic version on left hand pages, with English interpretation on the facing right hand pages. Part Two, "Sermons of Sukhmani Sahib", includes summaries, insights, and discussions reflected in the sacred hymn of Sukhmani. Offered by Publishers: Singh Brothers 1979 - 2007 (New and Used -- New Deluxe Hardbound edition has paper jacket. New Velor Hardcover binding has printed cardboard slip cover.)