Review: Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes

The Bottom Line

Grease Monkey Wipes are a handy little thing to keep around, whether in your garage or in your bike bag. You'll be thankful you've got them when your hands are covered with grease and there's no easy way to get them clean. One little foil pouch produces a hanky-sized wipe with enough cleaning power and durability to take the grease right off your hands. And it's just the right size to throw a couple in your bike bag for those repairs on the road.


  • Powerful cleaner to take grease away quick
  • Durable wipes offer plenty of stamina for tough scrubbing
  • Fresh citrus smell makes your nose happy
  • Convenient size pouches for throwing in your bike bag
  • Larger cannister works good for your garage


  • Nothing to gripe about with these!


  • 7"x8" wipes
  • Made of durable cloth-like material
  • Fresh citrus smell
  • Sold as individual-use pouches or in larger cannister


Guide Review - Review: Grease Monkey Wipes

Picture yourself eating ribs. Your hands are sticky with BBQ sauce. Somebody hands you a wet-nap and suddenly all your problems are solved. This is what Grease Monkey Wipes do for you when you're working on your bike. Think about the truly greasy hands you get when you're cleaning your chain or working on anything with bearings. Grease Monkey Wipes are the wet-nap that takes that grease right off your hands.

I had the chance to try out some of the Grease Monkey Wipes in the individual packets.

They didn't look like much at first, just little foil packets roughly the size of a business card. So I put them by my tools and kinda forgot about them until the day came that I had to work on my chain, and got my hands totally covered with grease. You know, the kind where you're trying to open the doorknob with your elbows because your hands are so nasty?

Yeah, like that. So I got one of the Grease Monkey Wipes, tore the packet open, and unfolded the nice-sized 7"x8" wipe.

The first thing I noticed was that the wipe was made from a durable cloth-type material that stood up to a rigorous wiping for several minutes on my palms and fingers and in and around my knuckles without ripping. Way better than the flimsy stuff an actual wet-nap is made from. The second thing I noticed was a fresh and pleasant citrus smell, just the same as the smell that permeates the tubs of commercial hand cleaner the mechanic uses down at your local shop. The third thing I noticed was that it took the grease right off my hands. This is the kind of oily, dirty soiling that just scrubbing at with soap and water wouldn't have made a dent in. And the Grease Monkey Wipes took it right off like nothing.

So was I impressed? Yes. This is a handy thing to keep around, either in your shop or especially in your bike bag. If you're out riding and have a breakdown that you gotta fix, these wipes will clean you up fast, so you're not having to either ride with greasy hands or having to wipe them on your jersey to keep a grip on your handlebars.

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