Golden Skate: A Resource For Figure Skating Fans

Mao Asada - World and Japanese Figure Skating Champion
World and Japanese Figure Skating Champion Mao Asada Is One of the Many Figure Skaters Who Have Been Featured on the Golden Skate website. Photo by Chung Sung-Jun - Getty Images

Golden Skate is one of the best online resources available for figure skating fans. News, photos, articles, and other skating related resources of the highest quality are on the site.


  • Golden Skate's feature articles give details about elite and up and coming figure skaters from all over the world.
  • The quality of the photos and articles on the Golden Skate website is very high.
  • Summaries of almost all major figure skating competitions can be found on the Golden Skate website.
  • Golden Skate's forum is one of the most active figure skating forums on the internet.
  • A complete list of figure skating resources can be found on the Golden Skate site.
  • The advertisements on Golden Skate's site are skating related and may be useful to the site's visitors.


  • Golden Skate includes articles, photos, news, a figure skating forum, ice skating trivia, and resources about figure skating.
  • Founded in 1999 by Paula Slater.
  • Results from major figure skating events are on the Golden Skate website.
  • Links to about every figure skating resource available on the internet can be found through Golden Skate.
  • Golden Skate's directories include lists of almost every figure skating federation, skating rink, and figure skating club in the world.
  • Up and coming figure skating champions are featured on Golden Skate in addition to present and past senior level skaters.
  • Comprehensive reviews of major figure skating competitions are added to the Golden Skate website on a regular basis.

    Golden Skate is one of the highest quality and most complete online figure skating resources available on the internet. Those who visit the site will find information and resources about elite figure skaters from all over the world and be able to access results from almost all major figure skating events.

    The articles included in the site tell the stories of up and coming skaters and figure skating champions, and are of the highest quality. It is obvious that the figure skaters who are featured on the site wanted to be interviewed and are delighted to be featured on the Golden Skate website.

    Some figure skaters who have been interviewed and featured on Golden Skate include:

    Every article on the Golden Skate site includes high quality photos taken by Golden Skate's writers and photographers. The emphasis of the site is not on learning to skate, but some information for those who wish to become figure skaters can be found on the Golden Skate website.

    One of the most popular features of the Golden Skate website may be its figure skating forum. The forum primarily deals with fan related subjects, but some information about becoming a figure skater can also be found there.

    In addition to the articles, photos, and forum, visitors to Golden Skate will find complete lists of almost every ice skating rink, skating club, and skating organization in the world.

    The advertisements on the site are figure skating related.