Review of Harlick Figure Skating Boots

Harlick Skating Boots
Harlick Skating Boots. Photo Courtesy Harlick and Company

The Bottom Line

"Quality is built into every pair of Harlick's!" That is the Harlick Skating Company's motto. That motto does describe Harlick skates. A skater can't go wrong if he or she purchases Harlick boots. Both custom and stock boots are available to suit the needs of each skater.

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  • Harlick skating boots are available in a variety of options.
  • Custom, stock boots, and lightweight boots are available.
  • Harlick skating boots are of the highest quality.
  • Dealers of Harlick skates are available to fit and service skaters throughout the world.
  • A perfect boot can be created for a skater.


  • Beginner level boot-blade packages are not available.
  • All custom boots and certain stock boots cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Production time for custom boots can take from eight to fourteen weeks.
  • Stock boot production time can take from six to eight weeks.


  • Soft leather linings and tendon padding
  • Solid brass reinforced hooks and rubber lined tongues
  • Variety of colors and leathers are available
  • Hard toe boxing and leather outer soles
  • Extra wide toe box, extra wide full arch, and extra narrow heel options are available for stock boots at no extra charge.
  • Leather sock liner and compressed leather heels
  • Skating orthodics available
  • Custom, personal fittings, and help with fittings are available.
  • Triple stitched backstay
  • Heel huggers available

Guide Review - Review of Harlick Figure Skating Boots

For over seventy years, Harlick and Company, has built figure skating boots. Experience is built into each boot. Harlick is a leader in new boot designs for figure skating. Their boots have been called the "boots of perfection."

Harlick and Company is a business run by the Henderson family, who bought the business from Louis Harlick in the 1960s. Today, a father, mother, and three brothers keep things going at Harlick with a staff of about twelve to fifteen other people. The days of family run businesses have passed, but this skate company continues to serve the skating community with the quality and style that once was the norm. Hand quality craftsmanship is in every pair of Harlicks.

The cost of Harlick boots is high. Rarely, do skaters have problems with Harlick skates, so the cost may be worth it. Harlick does not make boots for entry level skaters. The high cost is similar to the cost of high quality boots made by other companies in the world.

Some of the features of Harlick skates include optional heel huggers that add great comfort to the ankle bones. Also, the rubber tongue lining is very comfortable. There are different thicknesses of boots available for every skater's needs.

Harlick also sells a variety of blades. Many accessories, such as boot polish and laces, are also available.

Olympic, World and National Champions wear, and continue to wear, Harlick skating boots. The company's rich history and quality in customer service continue to bring skaters back to purchase Harlick skates.

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