Review of the Gold Sheet Website

Review of the Gold Sheet Website

The Gold Sheet is one of the most respected sports gambling information providers around and it has withstood the test of time. The first Gold Sheet newsletter published in 1957. Entering the 2015 football season, the Gold Sheet publishes four different football newsletters; the Gold Sheet, Confidential Kick-Off, Gold Sheet Extra and Friday Update. The Gold Sheet also publishes for basketball season and CKO becomes Confidential Tip-Off for hoops.

The Gold Sheet has also branched into selling daily selections from Bruce Marshall and Gary Olshan.

The primary purpose of the Gold Sheet website is to get you to subscribe to its newsletter or phone service, but there is plenty of free information online to make it a valuable stop for any sports bettor. Bettors will find plenty of free information that can help them in their handicapping process.

The Website

While the site is nothing special from a design standpoint that isn't the reason sports bettors would visit the Gold Sheet and the company has made the transition to the online age quite well. The site offers plenty of historical data that every sports bettor should take advantage of.

The strength of the Gold Sheet website is the point spread logs that go back to the 1993 season for the NBA, NFL, and college football. The college basketball logs go back as far as the 1995-96 season. Point spread logs are valuable to sports bettors for back-checking on trends, systems, and angles to see how various betting situations have fared over the years.

The Gold Sheet provides enough information to keep even the most die-hard statistical junkie busy for many days.

The site also provides match-up information, current odds, injury information, statistics and plenty of more information that bettors may enjoy. You'll find occasional preview articles, special reports and more for your reading enjoyment.

Power Ratings

For years, the Gold Sheet has been considered one of the best sources of power ratings available. While they may not have the same influence with oddsmakers that they once enjoyed, bettors could much worse than looking at the Gold Sheet's power ratings on each team. Those who don't subscribe to the newsletter can get the power ratings in match-up form under the Gold Sheet Line, which is essentially a mythical point spread created by using the Gold Sheet ratings for each team. If the Gold Sheet Line has the Kansas City Chiefs -7 over the Chicago Bears and the official line is Kansas City -9.5 that would suggest a play on the underdog. If the official line was Kansas City -4 that would suggest a play on the Chiefs -4. The Gold Sheet Line is absolutely free on the site and is worth checking out on a weekly basis. The Gold Sheel Line covers both the NFL and college football.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the majority of sports services, the Gold Sheet has a good reputation among betters and bookmakers alike. The company has never resorted to the tactics of making false claims about its record and has lasted nearly 60 years by putting out a solid product.

Fans of the printed version of the Gold Sheet newsletter will be happy yo know that they didn't lower their standards when it came to their website.