Review of the Mr. B Lonsdale Cigar

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A while back, I heard someone raving about Mr. B cigars, but I could not find them available online until checking out JR Cigars. I wanted to try the Lonsdale size in a Maduro wrapper, but they happened to be out of stock. Once they became available again, I purchased a bundle of 20 cigars, for less than 70-cents per stick plus delivery (the price has since increased). Even at $24.95 per box of 20 ($1.25 apiece), this is still a great price for a handmade stogie!

The Lonsdale measures 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 43. The cigars are handmade in Nicaragua, and consist of 100% tobacco.


The Mr. B Lonsdale is a mild-to-medium flavored cigar, and the taste is pretty consistent throughout the length of the cigar. I smoked several of these cigars before writing this review, so I can say that the taste is also consistent among cigars in the same bundle. The flavor is not bad, but not memorable, either. I consider this stick to be an average tasting cigar, but a great value smoke for the everyday cigar smoker.

Draw and Construction

The cigars have an excellent draw, but can have an uneven burn after the first inch or so. These cigars are made with mixed filler, consisting of short filler (pieces of tobacco leaves) rolled inside of 2 or 3 long filler leaves. Despite containing short filler, the cigar can hold a somewhat long ash. Just for fun, I unraveled one of these cigars to illustrate its components.

At less than a dollar per stick, it wasn't too much of a sacrifice.


Mr. B is simply the best value in a handmade cigar, for the everyday cigar smoker, that I have seen anywhere. It is certainly possible to pay several dollars for a cigar that you will not like as much. However, this is an average handmade cigar, but with a price that is far below average.

A great everyday cigar, but not recommended for that special occasion, nor for the occasional cigar smoker who only smokes a couple of sticks per month as a treat (you should pay more and get something better). I also recommend buying these cigars to pass around at weddings, parties, etc. You can contain costs, and still give away decent cigars that will not disappoint your guests (the ones that will actually smoke the cigar, that is).

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