Review: TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons
Courtesy of TaylorMade-adidas Golf; used with permission

The saying "everything old is new again" might apply to the most handsome set of irons in a while from TaylorMade. Known to some for introducing more models in a year than some golfers take mulligans, TaylorMade has stepped backward in creating a set of clubs with a classic look, while imbuing them with the best technology of the current era.


At first, I thought the Tour Preferred irons were forged. Point No. 1 for TaylorMade. They have created a finish that at once is classic and seen in many forged clubs, as well as being durable and able to last a long time.

The second tip that this is not your grandfather's irons is the pronounced use of the "inverted cone" on the back cavity on the clubhead. The inverted cone is a staple of TaylorMade's recent line of drivers. They introduced it recently into their irons with the Burner and Burner Plus series irons. But it really stands out with the Tour Preferred.

"TP" has been a TaylorMade designation for clubs that are more suited for lower handicap players. But while it is clear to me that the TaylorMade Tour Preferred irons are aimed at better players, a mid-handicapper can also play this club with its forgiveness. The topline is a bit thinner and the offset is less than with some other irons in the TaylorMade lineup. However, the secret ingredient is more weight in the heel and toe of the head and a "tour configured" sole which reduces turf drag. An undercut cavity shifts weight to the perimeter for forgiveness.

Performance is where the story gets interesting. I think the Tour Preferreds are a sweet change to some of the recent Taylor Made irons. Well-struck, center hits are rewarded with a buttery soft feel, very similar to a forged iron. Off-center hits don't lose much and the feel is not punishing at all. The irons are easy to work left and right, and for both lofted shots and knockdowns.

I'll say that while I have not been a real fan of the Dynamic Gold shafts that come stock with the Tour Preferreds, they took on a wholly different feel with the Tour Preferred irons because of the clever vibration-dampening medallion in the cavity. The designers at TaylorMade get extra points by incorporating the vibration-dampening feature into the back of the clubhead in a pleasing yet dynamic-looking manner. Looks, feel and performance: all the ingredients for success.

All in all, check out the Tour Preferred irons from TaylorMade. It's likely they can take your game to a whole new place.


  • Stellar Looks
  • Thin topline, reduced offset
  • Solid feel and sound at impact


  • Limited stock shaft selections