RICHTER Surname Meaning and Family History

The Richter surname often originated in eastern Germany, as a name for the head man of a village, often a hereditary position.
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The Richter surname means one who was "Lord's administrator of a village," an occupational surname derived from the Middle High German rihtære, meaning "judge," in turn derived from the Middle High German rihten, meaning "to make right." This term was frequently used in eastern Germany, where the surname is still most common today, to indicate the head of a village, often a hereditary position. 

RICHTER is the 14th most common German surname.

Surname Origin: German, Czech

Alternate Surname Spellings: RYCHTR, RYCHTAR, RECTOR

Famous People with the Surname Richter

  • Charles Francis Richter - American seismologist and physicist; inventor of the Richter magnitude scale
  • Adrian Ludwig Richter - German artist
  • August Gottlieb Richter - German surgeon
  • Burton Richter - Nobel Prize-winning American physicist
  • Franz Xaver Richter - Czech composer
  • Jeremias Benjamin Richter - German chemist; developer of stoichiometry theory
  • Johan Richter - Norwegian-Swedish engineer and industrialist
  • Gerhard Richter - German painter

Where the Richter Surname Is Most Common

The Richter surname today is most prevalent in Germany, according to surname distribution from Forebears, where it ranks as the 12th most common surname in the country. It is also fairly common in Austria, where it ranks 63rd.

According to WorldNames PublicProfiler, Richter is extremely common in northeastern Germany, especially in Sachsen, but also in Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt and Berlin. Data from agrees, indicating that the largest number of people with the Richter surname in Germany live in Berlin, followed by Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Munich, Chemnitz, Region Hannover, Elbe-Eister, Sächsische Schweiz and Freiberg.

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