Right Brain Dominant Student Type

Right brain dominant students should put their creative talents to work!. Grace Fleming

The Results Are In!

You can use these results to help you identify the best ways for you to study effectively. Be sure to find more ways to evaluate your own personality and study skills. It will pay off!

You are a right brain dominant student!

  • You like to use visual aids
  • You are the quiet one in study groups, but you come up with brilliant ideas
  • You need to read things twice, but then you've got it!
  • You preview a chapter before you read
  • Things you read make more sense after a day or so

You probably get bored during long lectures and prefer to take classes with a lot of freedom of movement and thought.

You like to write stories and even tell stories about your funny experiences.

You might be a little suspicious of other people's motives sometimes, but that's only because you can usually tell whenever someone is lying or when they're up to no good.

You are a little on the dreamy side--or a lot. You plan books or movie plots but you don't always follow through on things you think about. You should work on that. You are fun and spontaneous, and probably active in sports or clubs.

Your feelings run deep, and it shows. You have strong instincts, and you solve problems on hunches and feelings. You are artistic in some way. You can believe in things based on experience, without seeing scientific proof. You might be a finalist on Survivor some day, since you know how to read people so well, and you have great survival instincts.


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