Ringtones 500.000+ - Free Music App

Name of App:

Ringtones 500.000+

Compatible with:

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Operating System:

iOS 4.0 or later


This free app has loads of ringtones to choose from to add a touch of personality to your music or mobile device. Check out their featured ringtones which, at the time of this writing, has lots of Christmas-themed tunes to choose from. Browse the many different categories of ringtones, which ranges from Alternative to Message Tunes to Sound Effects.

Simply click your ringtone of choice to download it. You can easily access all of your available ringtones by going to the Downloads tab. An upgrade to the pro version is also available which enables you to download more.

Guide Notes:

I really like how easy and simple to use this app is. Considering this is a free version, it's amazing how many available ringtones there is to choose from. Just download the ringtones you like, you then have to transfer your ringtones to iTunes and then sync it to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The Help section has step by step guides on how to do this. Another great feature is that you can create ringtones using songs in your library. I made ringtones using some of the songs I've written by simply choosing a portion of the song and then saving it. You can also customize your selections by assigning a specific ringtone or alert for a contact or function (i.e. voice mail alert).


You can learn more about Ringtones 500.000+ or download the app by going to iTunes.