What Robins Teach Us

Lesson of Strength and Community

American Robin
American Robin. Cultura RM Exclusive/Jouko van der Kruijsse / Getty Images

Many years ago I was at home on a bitter cold winter's night and I too was feeling very alone. I started to cry and called out to the angels. Then, I heard a bird begin to sing outside my bedroom window. I knew it was telling me, "You are not alone. All will be well."

Birds As Spiritual Messengers

Birds can be and are often used as messengers from angels and other higher dimensional beings. Birds happen to be a frequent symbol that the higher realms use to send me a message. The birds that are used to send messages will be different for everyone. But for me, when I see a hawk or falcon I know that I should pay attention to the small details around me for they will have meaning. I often see these majestic birds flying over my house when I am engaged in an intuitive healing session. Crows have also played an important role for me. They appear in my personal journeying during altered states of awareness and they are regular visitors to my home. In fact, as the moving truck drove into my new home a line of crows flew to the trees surrounding it and watched all of the commotion. They then came back every day for the first week to both greet me and take measure of me. They are smart creatures.

Some people tend to have more bird messengers than others. It all depends on the person, their energy and to what elements they are aligned. People who have a lot of air signs in their astrological chart tend to get our winged friends sent to them. Alonya, my personal angel helper, calls people with a lot of air signs "intellectually centered" meaning they tend to be in the mental body rather than the emotional or physical body.

I have worked for years communicating with animals that work as spirit guides for humans. Each animal spirit has a unique message for each person. Because of this I feel books on the subject of animal communication should be used more as tools than a one size fits all message. The information in the books cannot take the place of connecting with the unique animal spirit on your own to find out what message they have for you.

What Robins Teach Us

I connected with my robin who guides me and he tells me that all robins tend to bring teaching and a message of affection and family. They are playful, intelligent, hardworking, and watchful. They teach us community and how to work together as a unit to be safe. They teach us to be loved and also reminder us to have fun in our daily life. A robin's message usually has something to do with retaining our identity and the sweetness of life in the midst of family life and careers.

If you have experienced a visitation by a robin I highly suggest you spend some time connecting to that robin. You can do this silently or out loud even if the bird isn't in your field of vision. You can honor it for being a messenger. Find out what robins like to eat and put out their favorite treats. Help other robins or donate to organizations that help robins and other birds such as bird sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitators. All of these activities serve to acknowledge everything the birds help us with and will make the connection to them stronger.

A little robin, with its quirks, is a messenger sent by the Divine and the angels to remind you that you are not alone. Even when inside where you feel safe you are not alone. A robin looks for a mate to spend the rest of its life with and create a family and a home. Robins leave their home to migrate and gather together as a community. They have to go out into that big world and it takes all their strength to do so. They learn to rely on and trust their little community for guidance, for help, play, and to be nurtured. Every year they will come back to the place they are born and create a home and family with their partner. All of that from that brave little robin. Amazing isn't it?

Your robin brings the message of strength. It reminds you to never give up and that you are strong. Have faith in your strength and in your future. Your robin is here to teach you that it may not seem so quite yet, but the world is a safe place for you.