Romantic Phrases for Dating in Italian

Woo your potential lover with these phrases

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You’re drinking a glass of vino rosso during aperitivo as you talk to your friends, and then someone catches your eye. There’s an Italian that you can’t keep your eyes off of, and this person notices you, too. 

Eventually, you two start chatting and make plans to meet again another time at the same aperitivo. That date leads to another and another until you find that you’re head over heels for this person.

If you’re in the midst of something like that or you want to be prepared just in case it happens, below you’ll find both romantic and practical phrases for dating in Italian.

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Phrases for Spending Time Together 

  • Dovremmo uscire solo noi due qualche volta. - We should go out just us two sometime.
  • Sei libero/a stasera? - Are you free tonight?
  • Perché non ci vediamo di nuovo? - Why don’t we meet again?

TIP: If you’re talking to a female, you’ll use the -a ending, and if you’re talking to a male, you’ll use the -o ending. Click here to learn more about gender agreement.

  • A che ora? - What time?
  • Ci vediamo allora. - I’ll see you then.
  • Qual è il tuo numero di telefono? - What’s your phone number?
  • Ti va di prendere un aperitivo? - Do you want to get an aperitivo?
  • Posso invitarti a cena? - Can I invite you to dinner?
  • Ti va di venire a cena con me? - Would you mind having dinner with me?
  • Passo a prenderti alle (9). - I’ll pick you up at 9.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to tell the time, click here.

TIP: If you’re a male, you’ll use the -o ending, and if you’re a female, you’ll use the -a ending.

  • Ho trascorso una splendida giornata con te. - I spent a wonderful day with you.
  • Grazie per la bella serata! - Thanks for the great night!
  • Quando posso rivederti? - When can I see you again?
  • Cosa prendi? - What do you want to drink?
  • Offro io. - I’m paying.
  • Mi piaci tantissimo / Mi piaci davvero tanto. - I like you so much.
  • Vuoi diventare la mia ragazza? - Do you want to be my girlfriend?
  • Baciami. - Kiss me.
  • Abbracciami. - Hug me.

Phrases to Use When You’re Apart

  • Mi manchi. - I miss you.
  • Ti amo, piccola. - I love you baby.
  • Ti voglio bene, mia adorata. - I love you, my dear.

There are two ways to say “I love you” in Italian. This one is the less serious version. You can learn more about the differences between “ti amo” and “ti voglio bene” here. Also, both of the pet names used above are being used for talking to a female.

  • Mi è bastato uno sguardo per capire che tu fossi la mia metà della mela. - One look was all it took to know that you were my soulmate. (Literally: It only took one look to understand that you were the half of my apple.)
  • Sei la mia anima gemella. - You’re my soulmate. (Literally: You’re my twin soul.)
  • Vorrei poterti baciare proprio ora. - I wish I could kiss you right now.
  • Sono così contento/a che ci siamo incontrati. - I’m so glad we met.
  • Buongiorno bellissima / principessa. - Good morning beautiful / princess.
  • Non sei come gli altri. - You’re not like others.
  • Sei affascinante. - You’re fascinating / charming.
  • Voglio godermi ogni attimo con te. - I want to savor every moment with you.
  • Sento qualcosa di forte per te. - I have strong feelings for you.
  • Avrei voluto restassi con me. - I would have liked for you to stay with me.
  • Mi hai colpito subito. - You caught my eye right away. / You made an impression on me right away.

​To learn how to form sentences like the ones above with "fossi" and "restassi," click here to learn about the imperfect subjunctive mood.

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