10 Great Gifts for Your Roommate

Gifts don't have to be fancy to make a lasting impression

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Even though you sometimes know more about your roommate than anyone else on campus, finding the perfect gift can still be challenging. Fortunately, with a little creative thinking, you can get your male or female roommate the perfect holiday, birthday, or farewell gift without blowing your budget.

Something Only You Know They Need

You may see your roommate struggling with something that has been well-loved for a little too long. It could be a new hair dryer, a new towel set, a new shower caddy, or generally anything they use frequently.

Something of Yours That They're Always Borrowing

Your rain boots, favorite shirt, jeans, cute black pumps, or basketball may technically be yours, but seem to have been adopted by your roommate lately. Give them a new, similar product of their own so they can enjoy it without worrying—and without having to check with you first.

A Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Restaurant On or Off Campus

Does your roommate always walk around with a Starbucks coffee, Jamba Juice smoothie, or burger from the place across the street? Consider getting a small gift certificate to a place you know they already love.

A Gift From the Campus Bookstore

Because honestly, who minds having another t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of comfy pants with your school logo on them?

A Small Gift Every Day of Their Birthday Week

This is a great option if you're a little short on cash. You can surprise your roommate with something fun every day of their birthday week: their favorite candy bar placed on their computer keyboard one day, a box of their favorite cereal the next.

A New Laptop Bag/Backpack/Gym Bag/Purse/etc

College students are notoriously rough on their bags. And, given that you share living quarters, you've probably seen the worst of the worst when it comes to how your roommate treats their backpack, gym bag, etc. Consider getting them a replacement or even just an extra one for when things get really ugly.

Some of Their Favorite Personal Products

Does your roommate have a favorite perfume? Cologne? Brand of flip-flops they're always wearing? Grab an extra one, throw it in a gift bag, and ... voila! Instant personal roommate gift.

A Book by Their Favorite Author or on Their Favorite Topic

Chances are, your roommate has some passions and interests that they don't get the chance to read about just for pleasure. Surprise them with something they'll enjoy without having to worry about writing a paper on later.

A Simple Electronic Device to Make Life Easier

You can never have too many thumb drives, phone chargers, or earphones. These inexpensive electronics make for great, inexpensive gifts.

A Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Website

Does your roommate love iTunes? An online game? Consider getting them a gift certificate that they can use electronically. Added bonus: These make great last-minute gifts since they're often delivered instantly.

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