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About Rosemary: Internationally renown author, teacher, healer, and spiritual medium. She is the founder of R.A.A.H. (Rosemary Altea Association of Healers - and the New York Times best selling author of The Eagle and the Rose and Proud Spirit.

Interview Date: March 3, 2000

Phylameana: The relaxation exercise you explain in your book, You Own the Power is very similar to an exercise I have used for many years I call "body scanning." Could you give a brief explanation for my readers about the benefits of doing this exercise?

Rosemary: The benefits of doing any style of relaxation exercise would be that we are so completely concentrating on every particle, every inch of earth, that every other care that we've ever had in the world is gone. We empty our mind of everything but giving to ourselves in relaxing for ourselves. It means that we accept that we are entitled as human beings to be as selfish as we want to be for that few minutes that it takes to do this relaxation exercise. Its also helps us to understand that we as human beings really do need to be selfish with ourselves sometimes. It doesn't mean that we won't go back to the cares, the worries, and the troubles that we have with our families. But when we go back to the cares, the worries, the troubles we have with our families we can approach those from a different perspective, from a calmer place. A place of inner stillness and quiet where we can reason more easily.

Where we can actually gain a compatibility with ourselves so that we become whole. So that we can handle the stresses and strain of the life more more easily. There are tremendous benefits to doing relaxation.

Phylameana: You shared a story about your father teaching you never to cry. I can certainly relate to that as my mother would send me to my room when I would cry so I would not be heard.

The message we learned was not to show our emotions or not to be seen showing them. Those of us who were sensitive as children and had similar experiences learned to build walls or boundaries to block ourselves from "feeling." Do you feel these boundaries harm us or protect us?

See My Story About Crying as a Child: Eat Some Cement and Harden Up

Rosemary: It depends on the individual. Building up a wall is our way of building a defense mechanism around us. We can't be hurt, we can't be touched, no one can get in. I think to a point and especially children I think it is a good thing when you're surrounded by people who don't understand and who say dumb things like "You're too sensitive or over sensitive" which you just can't be. Building some kind of a wall or building that space that separates you from other people can be very beneficial to you providing you didn't have a protection against the world, protection against life, providing you're able to come out from behind that wall when necessary. Providing you're able to be at one with the world and with the people around you. The problem with the wall is that it is so easy to hide behind, that you can too easily disassociate with the rest of the world if you're not careful.

And you can even disassociate from your own feelings and emotions. Sometimes it is a good thing but as we grow older we should learn to take down the wall, brick by brick, gently, and eventually do away with it. But it is not easy to do, and if anyone tells you "Hey, take down that wall" well that's crazy. You have to do this slowly.

Thoughts Are Powerful Pulses of Energy

Phylameana: To quote you, you wrote: "Thoughts are powerful pulses of energy." Would you care to elaborate on this for us.

Rosemary: Absolutely. Every thought is a tiny pulse of energy which when it leaves us it goes out into the universe The universe absorbs this energy and depending on the type of energy it is, depending on whether it is a negative thought or a positive thought, negative or positive energy the universe absorbs that energy.

The person you are thinking about or the situation you are thinking about, that pulse of energy goes out and reaches those people, touches those people. It can in fact if it is negative energy can harm that person. Positive energy can help that person. But whatever happens to it, it goes out into the universe, others are touched by it, but it always comes back to you. It is your energy, it belongs to you and always comes back.. What happens is, it is rather like the snowball that gets bigger and bigger the more it rolls down the hill gathering up more and more snow . This tiny pulse of energy as it travels out into the universe it becomes greater as it absorbs other energies along the way and when it comes back to us it comes back bigger, stronger and more powerful than it was when it went out. So if the energy that you are sending out is negative or damaging or harmful, like if you have a bad thought about someone else, whatever it is, it is going to come back to you and harm you ten times more than it would ever harm anyone else. And that's the same with our positive energy when we send out positive, loving thoughts , caring thoughts. They gather energy, its a good thought , its a good and powerful energy, mingles and mixes with energies of its own kind, reaches its goal and comes back to us more powerful and much more strongly.

Phylameana:I know that our words also have impact, do you feel that our thoughts are equal to spoken words?

Rosemary: No. I think that words are only sounds that we make with the energy that we have.

I think the power of our thoughts is way more powerful and way more positive. We have to have a thought before we can form a word.

Phylameana: I love your "Flower Meditation Exercise" allowing the mind to visually view a flower from bulb to full bloom. You said that the flower chosen is a first indication of what type of soul you are. My favorite flower is the violet and I am also spiritually drawn to the lotus flower. What would you say those specific flowers indicate?

Rosemary: Two beautiful flowers. The violet is the color of healing which tells you that you are healing or drawn toward healing. The Lotus flower is a symbol of great spirituality and the need for spiritual growth within you.

Phylameana: I know you take great offense at Charlatans who cheat people out of money involving spiritualism work. I agree with you completely, this is shameful behavior.

Rosemary: I actually don't get too upset unless I'm near them when they are spouting their trash then it is hard for me to control myself.

Phylameana: What are your feelings about the people that I would classify as the "wanna be" types of individuals who want to connect so badly to the spirit world that their imaginations might take over. There are so many uncertainties involving spirit connections, how does a person know they are actually connecting to a God-Source?

Rosemary: I don't get much upset with people that do this, more I get frustrated with them. For the most part people are doing this because they feel it is right and they have no intention of deceiving.

The ones that have the intention of deceiving are much more easy to deal with. It is the ones that don't have intentions to deceive but they have a little knowledge. Little knowledge as we all know can be a dangerous thing. We have to learn to listen much more to who we are and what we are. We have to be much more mindful of the responsibility. If anyone of us thinks we have a gift in any way, if we are psychic in any way then we have to be extremely mindful of what we can do and the effect that we have on other people. I know that when I first came to realize that I was what I am I didn't go out there and give to all in sundry. Rather I kept to myself because it made me nervous. The fact that I can say something small and simple thing to a person that can change that person's life is extremely daunting and if even people could bear this in mind that what they say and do will affect another person's life for the good or for the bad and that they have that responsibility and if people were much more mindful of that responsibility we would have less people playing.

Past Lives and Reincarnation

Phylameana: I know you believe in past lives because you once shared a lifetime with your guide "Grey Eagle." I was wondering if you could help solve a mystery for me. I had been able to have waking communications with my grandmother for a few years following her transition from the physical. But as the years passed I no longer felt a connection beyond occasional appearances in my dreams. I felt this was partially because she had moved on to another place, perhaps even reincarnated into another body. If a spirit or soul has indeed reincarnated wouldn't they still be able to communicate astrally using their previous personality?

Rosemary: I'm not as sure of reincarnation as you seem to think I am.

Phylameana: Okay.

Rosemary: My life with Grey Eagle was prior to my birth here but that doesn't mean that we were together here on this Earth together in a previous life. And I also think that we have one life and just many journeys, and this Earth plane is one of those journeys. I think that we can choose to come back here onto this Earth and do this all over again if we want to. And I think there are those that do. But I also don't want to disregard the fact that we can choose to go out into the universe, as the universe is vast. Let's not assume that the Earth is the only place that we can travel to and have experiences from. There are many many places. So a person can come back to this Earth if he so chooses in another form, in another being but it isn't our only option.

Here is what I feel about your grandmother however. I feel with your grandmother that when she first passed in the first few years that she passed you needed her, you needed to connect with her and she also needed to connect with you to let you know that she was there, that she was around. Since that time, you had gotten on with your life doing many things, she has also gotten on with her life. I feel however that she is just as close to you as she ever was but I think you doubt yourself and your ability to connect with her and perhaps you even doubt that she wants to be with you. I think she is with you, I think she is your guiding light, your own angel. I think that whenever you need her she is there for you. You just aren't quite listening in the right way. You become so involved for other people that you are forgetting your own needs. And when you do need... there is a tendency for you to push too hard, to panic a little too much to be able to trust yourself.

Phylameana: Do you think this is a common trait among those of us who do readings for other people. It seems harder for us to get information for ourselves.

Rosemary: Yes...

Phylameana: Do you enjoy your life? Do you feel you have to shield yourself from the many people who make demands of you or have great expectations of you? How do you deal with that? How do you cope?

Rosemary: The downside of doing what I do is the tremendous loneliness of the life that I have because I'm having to shoulder such enormous responsibilities all the time dealing with so much sadness, so much sickness, so much pain. The upside is that while people are watching me talk to a young girl who was raped and murdered and they are listening to the pain and the hurt of that , they don't see what I can see. Because I don't see the girl in pain and I don't see her in stress of what has happened to her any more. What I see is a girl who is radiant and joyful because she is living on in such a wonderful place and having had the wonder of the experience that the Earth can give us which is after all our choice. And so it is easy for me because I can cry with people who come to me, I can cry for their pain, feel their pain, but I'm also the one who sees so much joy. So, my life is perfect.

Healing Colors

Phylameana: Color Therapy is one of high interest among my readers so I was delighted to see that you included a chapter on the auric field and incorporating colors into healing. You give blue as the universal color for healing. I had the understanding that green was thought of as the color meant for healing. No argument here as I think all the colors have a role to play in healing our emotions but I was just wondering why you chose blue? Or did it choose you?

Rosemary: When I first began talking about healing and teaching people how to give healings blue was very strong, very prevalent, very much there. The color green also. It is not just the color, remember the color only speaks of the type of energy that it is. The type of energy that green is is peace, harmony. It is a wonderful healing color. It is a beautiful color. But when I talk about a universal healing color, I have met many strong and powerful healers of all types, shapes, and sizes throughout the world, in many many parts of the world. Without exception, there is no exception that I can think of, everyone of these true healers have used the color blue. If I see a lot of blue in a person's aura or if when I'm talking to someone or if Grey Eagle shows me the color blue connected with a person I know that I am talking to someone who has very strong healing energies. No, I'm not dismissing the color green, I'm not dismissing any of the colors because they are all different types and styles of energy. I would probably have to put the color green next to the color blue. If I were encouraging my new students I would say "Think of the color blue and then combine that with the color green and also the color gold." I can only speak from my own experience and my experience of talking to many healers throughout the world, and coming into contact with people who have healing potential it really seems to me that the accepted universal healing color is blue.

Phylameana: I think the exercises you give on "savoring our senses" were very important to bring to light. My concern is with the Internet becoming such an important part of so many of our lives that we might tend to isolate ourselves from others. As we lose touch with our surroundings and lessen our physical involvements with others we may very well be dulling our senses. Thank you for this wake-up call.

Rosemary: This is exactly right. I was having a conversation about this with someone just a couple of days ago saying if we are not careful the Internet is going to be the undoing of us because God put us on this planet. He didn't put us in little rooms with little pieces of machinery. He put us on this planet because there is so much out there, so much with nature that we should be one with. Maybe your could put on the Internet from time to time, "Will you all please go outside and go for a walk."

Phylameana: Absolutely, I will remind myself to do that too.

Rosemary: I do think that there are so many people becoming so disillusioned with the people around them and the world around them that they feel as if the computer in the computer room is that safe haven that they can go into and be protected and what they are doing is they are just dulling every human sense including the sixth sense which is also a human sense. They are dulling their spiritual sense too.

Phylameana: I hope that people get this wake-up call.

Rosemary: Well, you know, be at one with nature for goodness sake. Take a look at the animals we have around us. Look at these creatures. I have two dogs. I take them out for a walk and their noses don't leave the ground except from time to time to look up to sounds from the bushes that alerted their ears. That is what I want to do, I don't want my nose to leave the ground. I want to be perfectly in tune with the Earth and with all that is around me. But I also want to listen and be alert and see what there is to see from time to time. I want to be in tune with everything around me. The message "GO FOR A WALK" should be on everyone's computer.

Phylameana: Okay. I'll put that message out to my readers. That's a wonderful idea. I will post it the forums.

Rosemary: Yes, tell them Rosemary says to go for a walk and when they've gone for their walk come back to your site and tell what they have learned about themselves.

Finding Your Power Symbol

Phylameana: My favorite part of your book was about "Finding your Power Symbol" because symbology is a major part of my life. My grandmother told me my power symbol was an "onion" in a vision several years ago. I knew this was about helping people peel away the layers to go in deeper.

Rosemary: You figured this out.

Phylameana: Yes.

Rosemary: It also has to do with keeping your roots in the Earth. The onion comes from the Earth. The roots of the onion bury into the Earth. The Earth gives it its richness, its pungency, its power, its taste. Everything about the onion comes from the Earth. There is so much that you have to learn from this Earth of yours. Stay grounded. Let your spirit soar but always keep your roots to the Earth because that is where your power and your strength will come from.

Phylameana: Thank you Rosemary. I'd like to invite you to host a chat in our Healing Chat Room.

Rosemary: Oh, that would be wonderful.

Phylameana: I would especially love it if you could do the talk on "Finding Your Power Symbol."

Rosemary: I absolutely would be happy to.

Phylameana: That is great! We will get this chat scheduled in. Besides urging users to "go for a walk" is there anything else your want to share with us that didn't get touched on during this interview that is important to your heart.

Rosemary: The wonder and the joy and the information that comes with acknowledging your spiritual self is so transforming that many people are afraid that it is going to transform them to the point where they won't know their lives any more. That is why so many people are afraid to try, afraid to dance, to be themselves. The only thing that comes from discovering who you are and learning to get to know your spiritual self, whatever changes take place, will only enhance their lives. It can never take away. Dare to be. Dare to investigate. Be careful who you listen to. Be careful when you read, including my book. Be careful. Let your instincts tell you what is right and what is not right. Follow your instincts and begin to discover yourself. That's what the book is about, getting to know who you are and daring to be. Own Your Power.

Hindu Meditation
shared by Rosemary

Thousand Petal Lotus Flower Meditation

Liken the crown chakra to the lotus flower, visualize it as the thousand petal lotus flower. As the chakras begin and join together and create powerful energy so the lotus flower begins to open. And it unfolds upon itself over and over and over the thousand petals. Open. Open . Open. As they open then they take your soul to a higher level of sensitivity and you reach a higher level of meditation. In order for the Thousand Petal Lotus Flower to open you have to have every other chakra attuned and working exactly as they should.

Rosemary Altea is an inhabitant of our planet that carries within her being one of the rarest and more powerful energy forces. This" expanded light" allows her to communicate with the dead, or rather with those that have left the physical world and now reside "still living" in another plane of existence.

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