Timeline and Prices of Roseville Pottery

Roseville Green Magnolia. J. Bennett

Roseville Pottery was in business from 1890 through 1954 and it was only in its namesake town of Roseville for the first eight years of the company's existence.


The town of Zanesville, Ohio was where the company relocated to in 1898, but there were several different plants. After 1917 all Roseville Pottery was made in Zanesville.

Roseville Rozane

According to Just Art Pottery, Roseville Rozane became the company's first high-quality art pottery line. Rozane is described as being hand-decorated with a dark glaze. Early items included utilitarian items such as flower pots, stoneware, and cuspidors.

Name Change

The company became incorporated in 1892, but it wasn't until the 1930s Roseville Pottery Company became Roseville Pottery, Inc.

Roseville Cookie Jars

Although Roseville jars look similar to each other, there are five different shapes -- check the handles to see the biggest difference in the designs.

Beware of Reproductions

Roseville art pottery pieces are highly desirable, which in turn has caused the pottery to be widely reproduced. But the good news is that most Roseville reproductions are easy to detect -- if you are familiar with the pottery. Educate yourself before spending big bucks!


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Online Prices for Roseville Jars

  • Blue Magnolia Cookie Jar --$512/$461
  • Freesia Orange Cookie Jar -- $406
  • Water Lily, Brown tones-- $400
  • Green Clematis -- $320
  • Water Lily, Aqua -- $302
  • Zephyr Lily -- $228
  • Freesia Blue Cookie Jar (two chips) -- $174
  • eBay, March 2006

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