Royal Paulownia - Seed and Seedling Sources

Producers of Royal Paulownia Trees

Paulownia Tree
Jean-Pol GRANDMONT/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.5

Here is a short list of producers of Royal Paulownia plant material. These companies sell seeds or seedlings on the Internet. I have listed them as a quick start to help in ordering a Paulownia tree for the yard, ordering seed for Paulownia propagation or ordering significant numbers of trees for plantation establishment. This is not a company endorsement but a list of potential Internet sources for Royal Paulownia.

World Paulownia Institute LLC

Georgia-based World Paulownia Institute Pacific International is the United States largest producer and supplier of Paulownia seedlings. The company has now introduced a new P. orienta for beautification and landscaping purposes.

Early Bird Nursery

"Early Bird specializes strictly in Paulownia, helping those who wish to start their own Paulownia plantation. Paulownia is not a "get rich quick undertaking", but it is a very promising farming alternative with a good rate of return on your investment. I have catalpafolia, elongata, tomentosa, and fortunei seeds." This company only sells seed. They are recommended by the American Paulownia Association.

Musser Forests Inc.

Musser Forests, Inc. produces over 35 million conifer and hardwood seedlings and transplants. "We offer the broadest selection of plant material available from one nursery." Musser is mainly a catalog company and geared to selling individual P.

tomentosa as an ornamental.

"We at offer the knowledge, expertise, and materials for your entry into Paulownia forestry. Our knowledge and expertise of Paulownia production is unsurpassed. Our growers guide alone will show and tell you how to get started in Paulownia.

Our Americana™ series of trees are the best, from years of research and development."

Toad Gully Growers

This is an Australian wholesale nursery specializing in forestry planting stock, in particular, the fast growing Paulownia tree. "Toad Gully Growers are committed to the idea that sustainable timber plantations hold the key to conserving natural forests. Paulownia, when given the right conditions, grows quickly and produces high quality, valuable timber which is a suitable replacement for tropical rainforest timber such as Maranti and can be used for a wide range of interior uses, including moldings and cabinet making."

The Paulownia Tree Company

This company operates in Talmage, California and can be found online at They carry P. elongata, P. fortunei, and the decorative P. Kawakamii.