RUIZ Surname Meaning and Origin

What Does the Last Name Ruiz Mean?

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The Ruiz surname means son of Ruy, deriving from a given name that means "powerful ruler.". Peopleimages / Getty Images

Ruiz is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Ruy," a short form of the given name Rodrigo. Rodrigo derives from the Germanic name Roderick (Hrodric), from the elements hrod, meaning "renown" and ric, meaning "power."

Ruiz is the 21st most common Hispanic surname.

Surname Origin: Spanish

Alternate Surname Spellings: RUIZE, ROIZ, ROIZE, RODRIZ, RUDERIZ

Famous People With the Surname "Ruiz"

  • José Francisco Ruiz: 19th century Texas pioneer and revolutionary
  • Blas Ruiz: Spanish explorer
  • Carlos Ruiz: Panamanian professional MLB baseball player
  • Bartolomé Ruiz: Spanish conquistador

Where Do People With the "Ruiz" Surname Live?

Ruiz is the 201st most common surname in the world, according to surname distribution data from Forebears, found in greatest numbers in Mexico and with the highest density in Nicaragua. The Rivera surname is also very common in Spain (ranked 12th), Argentina (14th) and Paraguay (17th).

Within Europe, Ruiz is most frequently found in Spain, according to WorldNames PublicProfiler, especially in the Cantabria region, followed by the regions of La Rioja, Andalucia, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha. The surname is also very common in Argentina, and found in lesser numbers in France and the United States.

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