Running Quotes About Life

A quote by Amby Burfoot
Christine Luff

All sports teach lessons that go beyond athletics, and running is no different. Hear from some of the most successful runners about how their sport informs everyday life with these running quotes.

Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner: "Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not demanding more from yourself—expanding and learning as you go—you're choosing a numb existence. You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip."

Jen Rhines, three-time Olympian: "Life (and running) is not all about time, but about our experiences along the way."

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic gold medalist: "As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are."

Meb Keflezighi, Olympic silver medalist: "Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging, and present obstacles. However, if you believe in your dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best."

Kara Goucher, two-time Olympian: "That's the thing about running: Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is."

Marc Bloom, author of "Amazing Racers: The Story of America's Greatest Running Team and its Revolutionary Coach:" "In short, running can change your outlook on life and make a new person out of you."

Nina Kuscik, first woman to win the Boston Marathon: "Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do."

Amby Burfoot, winner of 1968 Boston Marathon: "Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there's no reason to fear starting lines...or other new beginnings."

David Bedford, Olympian: "Running is a lot like life. Only 10% of it is exciting. Ninety percent of it is slog and drudge."

Nancy Anderson, fitness trainer: So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running and especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved."

Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic gold medalist: "Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter: long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best."

George Sheehan, author of "Running & Being: The Total Experience:" "The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life."

Chris Lear, author of "Running with the Buffaloes" and "Sub 4:00:" "In many ways, a race is analogous to life itself. Once it is over, it cannot be re-created. All that is left are impressions in the heart, and in the mind."

Jenny Hadfield, running coach: "Life can pull you down, but running always lifts you up."

Lorraine Moller, Olympic bronze medalist: "For me, running is a lifestyle and an art. I'm far more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics. It's that interest and exploration that make running fun for me. It's easy to become outcome-focused; for me, the unfoldment of self is what is meaningful in running and outlasts any medals."

Molly Barker, founder of the nonprofit Girls on the Run: "Running is like celebrating your soul. There's so much it can teach us in life."

Hal Higdon, author of "Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide:" "I run, therefore I am. And given the years improved fitness adds to our lives, if I did not run, maybe I would no longer be."

Ron Daws, author of "The Self-Made Olympian:" "There is more to failing than picking yourself up out of the dust, brushing off the grime, and trudging onward. For every defeat, there is a victory inside waiting to be let out if the runner can get past feeling sorry for himself."

Max Popper, runner of the Fifth Avenue Mile at 94 years old: "When you have the running spirit, you look forward to life. I firmly believe that I wouldn't have lived as long or as happily as I have without running."

Adam Goucher, Olympian: "One of the first lessons running teaches us about success in athletics and in life is that there is no one else. No one else can do your workouts for you. You alone must do the drills...You cannot hire someone else to do your cross-training when you are battling injury, or pay someone to run a race and get you a new PR. You are truly your own hero in running. It is up to you to have the responsibility and self-discipline to get the job done."

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