8 Russian Newspapers and Websites for Language Learners

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A Russian language newspaper from February 27, 2012. Harry Engels / Getty Images

Newspapers are a fantastic resource for Russian language learners, providing plenty of opportunities to expand your vocabulary and learn about Russian culture and current events. With thousands of articles published every day, newspapers can be used to brush up on your general language skills or to focus on a particular area of the Russian language, like business or popular culture.

Additionally, reading newspapers regularly will give language learners a deeper understanding of the issues that are important to Russians. As a result, your language learning experience will feel more organic and enjoyable.

Ready to get started? Check out the following Russian language newspapers and online publications.

Новая Газета (NOvaya gaZYEta)

Новая Газета ("The New Newspaper") is an opposition newspaper famous for its investigative journalism. Called "the most dangerous place for journalists" by Guy Chazan in the Wall Street Journal, Новая Газета regularly receives threats from those who disagree with the newspaper's positions. The paper, which was established in 1993, has its main office in Moscow and is published weekly.

Новая Газета's main focus is socio-political reporting, making this newspaper a great resource for learners of Russian who want to widen their vocabulary while learning more about Russian current affairs.


Сноб ("Snob") is an online community for open discussion among Russian-speaking people around the world. The platform has an online and print magazine that focuses on society and culture, as well as a newsfeed with the latest current affairs. The platform has a membership structure, but many magazine articles and all newsfeed articles are available to non-subscribers.

Сноб has a liberal readership. It regularly publishes excerpts from LGBTQ+ literature, both in translation and in Russian. It is a particularly useful tool for learners who want to pick up conversational vocabulary because of the discussions that spring up in the comments sections.

Коммерсантъ (kamyrSANT)

Коммерсантъ ("The Businessman") is a liberal-leaning business and politics daily broadsheet. The hard sign at the end of the word коммерсантъ is a deliberate anachronism designed to symbolize the newspaper's long reign, as the paper outlasted the Soviet regime. The newspaper was established in 1909 and closed down by the Bolsheviks in 1917, then reappeared in 1989.

Its focus on business and economics makes Коммерсантъ a valuable resource for learning business terminology. Коммерсантъ Weekend is a culture-oriented edition, while the weekly magazine Огонёк (agaNYOK)—"little light"— focuses on socio-political events and publishes in-depth commentary and opinion.

Ведомости (VYEdamastee)

Ведомости ("The Record") is a business daily broadsheet, published in Moscow. It was previously owned by the Financial Times together with Dow Jones and the publishers of The Moscow Times.

Focused on business, politics, and economics, Ведомости publishes news, opinion and analysis of Russian and international current events and business. If you are interested in learning business Russian, Ведомости is an ideal newspaper to read.

The Art Newspaper Russia

The Art Newspaper Russia is the Russian version of the English-language The Art Newspaper. This publication is useful for those who want to keep abreast of cultural happenings, from cinema to literature to design, while learning Russian. The Art Newspaper Russia covers both international and Russian art events and news. If your interests skew more towards art than politics, The Art Newspaper Russia is a great place to practice your Russian language skills.

Медиазона (mediaZOna)

Медиазона ("Media Zone") is an online media outlet established in 2014 by Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina. It focuses on events related to political persecution, as well as legal, police and court cases in Russia. Медиазона is one of the most current and relevant publications in today's Russia.

Медиазона is an excellent tool for intermediate and advanced Russian language learners, as it provides plenty of opportunities for expanding vocabulary as well as keeping up with the most current political events in Russia.

Аргументы и Факты (arguMYENty ee FAKty)

Аргументы и Факты—"Arguments and Facts"—is Russia's largest newspaper, and one of the most popular. Covering a wide range of topics, from politics to pop culture, this paper is a one-stop source for increasing vocabulary and developing a general understanding of Russian popular culture.

With sections including Sports, Money, Health, Auto, and even Happiness, this Russian newspaper provides ample opportunity to learn Russian in a relaxed, simple way. It is suitable for all levels, including beginners, although you may need a dictionary at hand if you're a total newbie.


Colta, a culture-focused online magazine, was the first Russian media outlet to receive its financing through crowdfunding—making it a truly independent publication. Language learners will love its culture and art articles, interviews, and reviews. Conta.ru is a fantastic way to learn Russian through art.

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