Russian Numbers 1-100: Pronunciation and Usage

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Numbers are used a lot in Russian everyday life. Whether you need to ask which bus to take or are buying something in a shop, you will need to know how to use the numerical system in Russian.

Russian cardinal numbers tell the quantity of something. They are easy to learn and tend to follow a simple structure. 

Numbers 1 - 10

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation

Numbers 11-19

To form these numbers, simply add "NATtsat" to one of the numbers from 1 to 9.

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation

Numbers 20-30

To form any number from 20 onwards, add a number between 1 and 9 to 20, 30, 40, etc. The number 30 is formed in a similar way to 20, by adding 'дцать' to два and три:

два + дцать = двадцать (twenty)
три + дцать = тридцать (thirty)

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation
двадцать одинtwenty-oneDVATtsat' aDEEN
двадцать дваtwenty-twoDVATtsat' DVAH
двадцать триtwenty-threeDVATtsat' TREE
двадцать четыреtwenty-fourDVATtsat' cyTYry
двадцать пятьtwenty-fiveDVATtsat' PYAT'
двадцать шестьtwenty-sixDVATtsat' SHEST'
двадцать семьtwenty-sevenDVATtsat' SYEM'
двадцать восемьtwenty-eightDVATtsat' VOHsyem'
двадцать девятьtwenty-nineDVATtsat' DYEvyt'

Numbers 40-49

The number 40 is quite different from the other numbers in the 20-100 sequence and has a name that does not follow the same rules as the other numbers. However, all the numbers from 41 to 49 have the same structure as the ones in the 21-29 group, and are formed in the same way. This is also the case for all other groups of 1-9 numbers added to a multiple of ten (20-100).

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation
сорок одинforty-oneSoruk aDEEN

Numbers 50, 60, 70, and 80

Created by adding 5, 6, 7, or 8, and the particle "десят"; these numbers are easy to remember.

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation

Number 90

Number 90 should simply be memorized, as it is unique in the way it is formed. However, all other numbers between 91 and 99 follow the same structure as the others and are created by adding a number from 1 to 9 to девяносто.

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation

Number 100

The number 100 is сто in Russian, pronounced "sto." 

Ordinal Numbers in Russian

Ordinal numbers indicate order or position. Unlike in English, Russian ordinal numbers change their endings based on the case, number, and gender that they are in. The numbers below are in the nominative singular masculine. You will need to learn these first before learning the rules of declension.

Russian NumberEnglish TranslationPronunciation

Have a look at the way the word "первый" ("the first") changes according to its case.

Russian CaseRussian NumberPronunciationEnglish Translation
NominativeпервыйPYERvythe first (one)
GenitiveпервогоPYERvovoof the first (one)
DativeпервомуPYERvamooto the first (one)
AccusativeпервыйPYERvythe first (one)
InstrumentalпервымPYERvymby the first (one)
Prepositional(о) первом(Oh) PYERvumabout the first (one)


- Разговор шел о первом деле.
- razgaVOR SHYOL ah PYERvum DYElye.
- The conversation was about the first case.

- Ну, с первым пунктом все ясно, давайте перейдем ко второму, и побыстрее.
- Nu, s PYERvym POOnktum VSYO YASnuh, pyeryDYOM kaftaROmu, ee pabystRYEye.
- Right, the first point is clear, let's move on to the second one, and let's be quick.

Ordinal numbers also change when they are in the plural:

Russian CaseRussian NumberPronunciationEnglish Translation
NominativeпервыеPYERvyyethe first ones
GenitiveпервыхPYERvyhof the first ones
DativeпервымPYERvymto the first ones
AccusativeпервыеPYERvyyethe first ones
InstrumentalпервымиPYERvymeeby the first ones
Prepositionalо первыхoh PYERvykhabout the first ones


- Первыми об этом узнали мои коллеги.
- PYERvymee ab EHtum oozNAlee maYEE kaLYEghee
- The first ones to find out were my colleagues.

- Первым делом надо поздороваться.
- PYERvym DYElum NAduh pazdaROvat'sya.
- The first thing you need to do is say hello.

Ordinal numbers also change by gender:

Case   Translation     Masculine       Pronunciation   Feminine         PronunciationNeutralPronunciation
Genitive(Of) the secondвторогоftaROvaвторойftaROYвторогоftaROva
Dative(To) the secondвторомуftaROmuвторойftaROYвторомуftaROmu
Instrumental(By) the secondвторымftaRYMвторойftaROYвторымftaRYM
Prepositional(About) the secondвторомftaROMвторойftaROYвторомftaROM

Compound Ordinal Numbers

For compound ordinal numbers, you only need to change the last word. In compound ordinal numbers only the last word is an ordinal number, while the other words remain cardinal numbers. This is similar to the way compound ordinal numbers are formed in English, for example: twenty seven - twenty seventh. Note how in the table below the only number that changes is "шесть", while the other two numbers remain exactly the same.

CaseTranslationMasculinePronunciationFemininePronunciationNeutralPronunciationPlural All GendersPronunciation
Nominative(One) hundred and thirty-sixthсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестаяSTOH TRITsat shysTAyaсто тридцать шестоеSTOH TRITsat shysTOyeсто тридцать шестыеSTOH TRITsat shysTYye
Genitive(Of) the (one) hundred and thirty-sixth oneсто тридцать шестогоSTOH TRITsat shysTOvaсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестогоSTOH TRITsat shysTOvaсто тридцать шестыхSTOH TRITsat shysTYKH
Dative(To) the (one) hundred and thirty-sixthсто тридцать шестомуSTOH TRITsat shysTOmuсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестомуSTOH TRITsat shysTOmuсто тридцать шестымSTOH TRITsat shysTYM
Accusative(One) hundred and thirty-sixthсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестуюSTOH TRITsat shysTOOyuсто тридцать шестоеSTOH TRITsat shysTOyeсто тридцать шестыеFTOH TRITsat shysTYye
Instrumental(By) the (one) hundred and thirty-sixth oneсто тридцать шестымSTOH TRITsat shysTYMсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестымSTOH TRITsat shysTYMсто тридцать шестымиSTOH TRITsat shysTYmi
Prepositional(About) the hundred and thirty-sixth oneсто тридцать шестомSTOH TRITsat shysTOMсто тридцать шестойSTOH TRITsat shysTOYсто тридцать шестомSTOH TRITsat shysTOMсто тридцать шестыхSTOH TRITsat shysTYKH