Russian Words: Around the House

wooden Russian hand-painted spoons and tablecloth with a traditional pattern on natural wooden background. Top view.

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Russians mostly live in apartments housed in large apartment blocks with central heating and hot water. Many Russians who live in cities also have access to a plot of land outside of their city. These plots are called dachas (дача) and usually have a house and a vegetable/fruit plot. City-based Russians often spend their summer holidays living at their dachas.


Learn the words in the table below to talk about bedroom furniture and accessories.

Russian English Pronunciation Examples
Спальня bedroom SPAL'nya Справа - спальня (SPRAva - SPAL'nya)
- On the right is the bedroom
Кровать bed kraVAT' Мягкая кровать (MYAHkaya kraVAT')
- a soft/comfortable bed
Постель bed paSTEL' Он ещё в постели (On eySHYO f pasTYEle)
- He's still in bed
Заправить постель to make the bed zaPRAvit' paSTEL' Не забудь заправить постель (ny zaBOOT' zaPRAvit' paSTEL')
- Don't forget to make the bed
Одеяло blanket/duvet/comforter adyYAla Теплое одеяло (TYOPlaye adyYAla)
- A warm blanket
Подушка pillow paDOOSHka Взбить подушки (vzBEET' paDOOSHki)
- To fluff up the pillows
Простыня sheet prastyNYA Как стирать простыни (kak styRAT' PROStyni)
- How to wash bed sheets
Пододеяльник duvet cover padadyYAL'nik Красивый пододеяльник (kraSEEviy padadyYAL'nik)
- A pretty duvet cover
Наволочка pillowcase NAvalachka Шёлковая наволочка (SHYOLkavaya NAvalachka)
- A silk pillowcase
Матрац/матрас mattress maTRAS Жёсткий матрац (ZHYOSTkiy maTRAS)
- A firm mattress
Покрывало throw, blanket pakryVAla Большое покрывало (bal'SHOye pakryVAla)
- A large throw


Russian bathrooms can be separate from the toilet room or be in the same space. The following list includes the most common bathroom-related words in Russian.

Russian English Pronunciation Examples
Ванная комната/ванная bathroom VANnaya KOMnata/VANnaya Зайти в ванную (zaiTEE v VANnooyu)
- To go to the bathroom
Туалет toilet/washroom tooaLYET Где туалет (gdye tooaLYET)
- Where is the toilet/washroom?
Кран tap/faucet kran Закройте кран (zaKROIte KRAN)
- Close the tap
Полка/полочка shelf POLka/POlachka На полочке мыло (na POlachkye MYla)
- The soap is on the shelf
Унитаз toilet seat ooniTAS Белый унитаз (BYEliy ooniTAS)
- A white toilet seat
Раковина sink/basin RAkavina Наполнить раковину водой (naPOLnit' RAkavinoo vaDOI)
- To fill the sink with water
Душ shower doosh Принять душ (priNYAT' doosh)
- To take a shower
Ванна bath VANna Принимать ванну (priniMAT' VANnoo)
- To take a bath

Living Room

Russian living rooms are often multi-functional, sometimes combining dining, relaxation, work, or even sleeping areas. Due to the size of some apartments, living rooms often have extensive storage systems.

Russian English Pronunciation Examples
Диван sofa diVAN Сядь на диван (syat' na diVAN)
- Sit down/take a seat on the sofa
Телевизор TV set teleVEEzar Включили телевизор (fklyuCHEEli teleVEEzar)
- (They/we) turned on the TV
Столик coffee table STOlik Кофейный столик (kaFEYniy STOlik)
- Coffee table
Лампа lamp LAMpa Яркая лампа (YARkaya LAMpa)
- A bright lamp
Торшер tall lamp tarSHER Красивый торшер (kraSEEviy tarSHER)
- A pretty lamp
Книжный шкаф bookcase KNEEZHniy shkaff Книжный шкаф в углу (KNEEZHniy shkaff voogLOO)
- A bookcase is/was in the corner
Ковёр rug kaVYOR Новый ковёр (NOviy kaVYOR)
- A new rug
Окно window aKNO Широкие окна (sheROkiye OKna)
- Wide windows
Шторы curtains SHTOry Шторы до пола (SHTOry da POla)
- Curtains to the floor
Дверь door dvyer' Открой дверь (atKROI dvyer')
- Open the door


Often considered to be the hub of a Russian home, the kitchen is where the most important conversations take place. Guests are frequently invited straight into the kitchen instead of the living room.

Russian English Pronunciation Examples
Нож knife nosh Острый нож (OSTriy nosh)
- A sharp knife
Стакан glass staKAN Стакан воды (staKAN vaDY)
- A glass of water
Холодильник fridge halaDEEL'nik Вместительный холодильник (vmesTEEtelniy halaDEEL'nik)
- A large fridge
Плита stove/hob pleeTA Газовая плита (GAzavaya pleeTA)
- A gas stove/hob
Стиральная машина washing machine stiRAL'naya maSHEEna Покупаем стиральную машину (pakooPAyem stiRAL'nuyu maSHEEnoo)
- We are buying a washing machine
Вилка fork VEELka вилка для рыбы (VEELka dlya RYby)
- A fish fork
Ложка spoon LOSHka Чайная ложка (CHAInaya LOSHka)
- A teaspoon
Тарелка plate taLYELka Тарелка в цветочек (taRYELka f tsveTOchek)
- A plate with a flower pattern
Чашка cup CHASHka Моя чашка (maYA CHASHka)
- My cup

Dining Room

Many Russians like to display extensive dining and tea sets. These are often saved for very special occasions.

Russian English Pronunciation Examples
Стол table stol Накрыть стол (naKRYT' stol)
- To set the table
Стул chair stool Неудобные стулья (nyeooDOBnyye STOOL'ya)
- Uncomfortable chairs
Скатерть tablecloth SKAtert' Кружевная скатерть (kroozhevNAya SKAtert')
- A frilly tablecloth
Сервиз dinner set/tableware serVEEZ Дорогой сервиз (daraGOI serVEEZ)
- An expensive dinner set
Салфетка napkin salFYETka Возьми салфетку (vaz'MEE salFYETkoo)
- Take a napkin
Сервант/буфет display cabinet serVANT/booFYET Сервиз в буфете (serVEEZ v booFYEte)
- A dinner set is in the display cabinet
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