Russian Words: Jobs and Careers

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Russia has a thriving job market and it is common to ask someone what they do for a living or which company they work for. A large part of the Russian workforce is part of the service industry, followed by agriculture and the industry sector. Use the vocabulary list below to learn how to talk about jobs and professions in Russian.

Job Titles

The following table includes a list of some of the most popular jobs in Russia.

Russian Word English Word Pronunciation Examples
Юрист Lawyer yuREEST Отличный юрист (atLEECHniy yuREEST)
- An excellent lawyer
Врач Doctor vrach Врач-терапевт (vrach teraPEFT)
- a therapist
Строитель Builder straEEtel' надежный строитель (naDYOZHniy straEEtel')
- a reliable builder
Электрик Electrician ehLEKTrik Вызвали электрика (VYZvali ehLEKTrika)
- An electrician has been called
Педагог Teacher pydaGOG Опытный педагог (OHpytniy pydaGOG)
- An experienced teacher
Визажист Make-up artist vizaZHEEST Известный визажист (eezVYESTniy vizaZHEEST)
- A well-known/famous make-up artist
Маркетолог Marketing specialist markyTOlak Нужен маркетолог (NOOzhen markyTOlak)
- (We/they) need a marketing specialist
Журналист Journalist zhurnaLEEST Приехали журналисты (priYEhali zhurnaLEESty)
- Journalists (have) arrived
Стоматолог Dentist stamaTOlak Мне нужно к стоматологу (mnye NOOZHna k stamaTOlagoo)
- I need to go to a dentist
Психолог Psychologist psyHOlak Я психолог (ya psyHOlak)
- I am a psychologist
Машинист Train driver mashiNEEST Он работает машинистом (OHN raBOtaet mashiNEEStam)
- He works as a train driver
Фермер Farmer FERRmer Она хочет стать фермером (aNAH HOchet stat' FERmeram)
- She wants to be a farmer
IT-специалист IT specialist I T spytsyaLEEST Востребованный IT-специалист (vasTREbavaniy IT spytsyaLEEST)
- An in-demand IT specialist

Applying for a Job

The job search process is similar in Russia to searching for a job in the U.S. and involves the same stages of preparation, applying for vacancies, interviewing, and salary negotiations.

Russian Word English Word Pronunciation Examples
Резюме CV, resume rezyuME Пошлите резюме (paSHLEEtye rezyuME)
- Send your resume
График работы Work schedule, working hours GRAfik raBOty Свободный график работы (svaBODniy GRAfik raBOty)
- Flexible working schedule
Рекрутер Recruiter ryKROOter Звонил рекрутер (zvaNEEL ryKROOter)
- A recruiter called
Рассылка резюме Sending out CVs rasSYLka rezyuME Занимаюсь рассылкой резюме (zanyMAyus rasSYLkai rezyuME)
- I'm sending out my CVs
Соискатель Candidate saeesKAtel' Много соискателей (MNOga saeeSKAteley)
- (there are) many candidates
Вакансия Vacancy, job opening vaKANsiya Открылась вакансия (atKRYlas vaKANsiya)
- A vacancy opened up
Собеседование Interview sabeSYEdavaniye Сегодня у меня собеседование (syVODnya oo myNYA sabeSYEdavaniye)
- I have an interview today
Первичное интервью/собеседование First interview perVEECHnaye interVIYU/sabeSYEdavaniye Первичное  собеседование в четверг (perVEECHnaye sabeSYEdavaniye f chytVERK)
- The first interview is on Thursday
Повторное интервью/собеседование Second interview ftaREECHnaye interVIYU/sabeSYEdavaniye Вторичное собеседование было успешным (ftaREECHnaye sabeSYEdavaniye BYla oosPESHnym)
- The second interview was a success
Трудоустройство Employment troodaooSTROISTva Быстрое трудоустройство (BYSTraye troodaooSTROISTva)
- Fast (successful) employment
Заработная плата Wages, salary ZArabatnaya PLAta Высокая заработная плата (vySOkaya ZArabatnaya PLAta)
- High salary
Кадровый рынок Job market KADraviy RYnak Положение дел на кадровом рынке (palaZHEniye del na KADravam RYNke)
- The situation on the job market

Around the Office

Russian office rules are no different from the rest of the world and include following the company's dress code and behaving with professionalism and good manners. As there are two words for "you" in Russian, colleagues are usually addressed as Вы (a respectful form of "you") if they are your line manager and above, while with other colleagues both Вы and Ты (singular/familiar "you") can be used, depending on the relationship with them and the company culture.

Russian Word English Word Pronunciation Examples
Коллега Colleague kalLYEga Дорогие коллеги (daraGHEEye kalLYEghi)
- Dear colleagues
Сотрудник Colleague saTROODnik Мои сотрудники (maEE saTROODniki)
- My colleagues
Руководитель Manager rookavaDEEtel' А это мой руководитель (a EHta moi rookavaDEEtel')
- And this is my manager
Дресс-код Dress code dresskod Какой дресс-код в вашей компании? (kaKOI dresskod v VAshei kamPAniyi)
- What's the dress-code in your company?
Рабочее место Workspace raBOchyeye MESta Ее нет на рабочем месте (yeYO net na raBOchem MESte)
- She's not at her desk
Офис Office Ofis Где ваш офис? (gDYE vash Ofis)
- Where is your office?
Рабочий монитор Computer monitor raBOchiy maniTOR Сломался рабочий монитор (slaMALsya raBOchiy maniTOR)
- The monitor is broken
Работник Employee raBOTnik Работники компании (raBOTniki kamPAniyi)
- Company employees
Совещание Meeting savySHAniye Совещание будет завтра (savySHAniye BOOdet ZAFtra)
- The meeting will take place tomorrow
Коллектив Team kalekTEEF У нас очень дружный коллектив (oo NAS Ochen DROOZHniy kalekTEEF)
- We have a very close-knit team
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