Rutgers University Camden GPA, SAT and ACT Data

Over one out of every three applicants to the Camden campus of Rutgers University will not be admitted. Successful applicants will need grades and standardized test scores that are average or better. 

Rutgers University Camden GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

Rutgers University Camden GPA, SAT and ACT Data for Admission
Rutgers University Camden GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

Discussion of Rutgers University Camden's Admissions Standards:

In the scattergram above, blue and green dots represent students who won admission. Most (but not all) successful applicants had SAT scores of 1000 or higher (RW+M), an ACT composite of 20 or higher, and a high school average of a B or higher. Many admitted applicants had grades up in the "A" range.

Note that there are a few red dots (rejected students) mixed in with the green and blue in the middle of the graph. This means some students who seemed to be on target for admission did not get in. Also, note that some students were accepted with test scores and grades a bit below the norm. This is because Rutgers University at Camden, like all the Rutgers campuses, makes decisions based on more than numerical data. All prospective freshman must write an application essay, and you can also strengthen your application by participation in meaningful extracurricular activities. Also, Rutgers takes into consideration the rigor of your high school courses, not just your grades. Doing well in Advanced Placement, Honors, IB, and dual enrollment courses can improve your chances, for these courses all help demonstrate your college readiness. Rutgers does not require letters of recommendation.

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